I have always drooled over this blush palette and now finally i have it in my hands. Its the SIVANNA COLORS ULTRA BLUSH PALETTE. I compare this to the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush palette. It is not exactly the same as the MR palettes but the concept behind these seems to be somewhat the same.

So let’s jump into the details of this palette-



PRICE:-   INR 600 (I got them from an instagram store, coz these are nowhere available in local makeup/beauty stores)

This particular palette is in no.03



This palette has pink and coral shades of blushes which are perfect for the wheatish/dusky skin tones. This palette has 4 matte blushes and 2 shimmery blushes along with a highlighter and a contour shade. And they are pretty pigmented blushes




The only con to this whole palette is the contour shade. It has a grey undertone to it which when applied on to skin doesn’t even show up. Except that, I totally love this palette. At a pretty reasonable price, I think this palette is a steal.

Here are the swatches of the blushes-



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