Hey my beauties,

Here i come with a new blog post after a real long time. I have gradually developed endless love towards makeup these days and not a single product bores me. I have been loving makeup palettes these days and been searching for few good ones. And in the hunt i found few of them, and i would be doing reviews about them in my coming posts. So please stay with me for the upcoming surprises.

So this post is all about the MAKEUP REVOLUTION ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE. Honestly speaking, contouring is not my cup of tea, frankly no. Eventhough i have a round face, i do not really contour all the time. But after i saw tons of pics and vedios of how contouring transforms any kind of face, and after i saw the ABH contour kit and Hudabeauty rave about contour technique, I thought ‘Gurl! Its high time and I need to have one palette in my life!’.

So let’s jump into the deets and swatches of this amazing palette.


The MAKEUP REVOLUTION ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE is a Ultra Professional Contour Palette. It consists of 8 professional blendable powders for perfect contour and highlight.

“The complete contouring and highlighting palette is here!
The ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE has 8 powders for perfect contouring and sculpting.
Including 8 brand NEW shades for contour and shaping, with an additional 2 of our favourite merged baked highlighters for illumination.
Assembled in a large palette with FULL SIZE mirror.”



Where did i buy this?: I bought this MAKEUP REVOLUTION ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE from an instagram store named @nowandwowchennai(if you guys are interested, just search by that username). The guy handling that insta store is amazing. He actually gives the best and least price tag to every product he sells. Do check out for best deals.

Price: I got it for INR 1200. And i am totally unaware of its original price, coz it is almost unavailable/out of stock in every online websites in India. Do let me know if you guys know the actual price of this palette.



Packaging:  The MAKEUP REVOLUTION ULTRA CONTOUR PALETTE comes in a black rectangular box with gold embossed writings on it. And also has the color shades and ingredients list at the backside of the box. Inside the box is the gorgeous palette, which is a very sleek and travel friendly too. Opening the palette, we have a total of 8 round pans with 6 countouring and baking shades and 2 extremely gorgeous baked highlighters.



The powders are extremely soft and velvety in texture. So easy to blend into the skin. This is the universal palette for all the skin tones. The matte powders are amazing. The lighter shades on the top can be used to set the foundation/concealor, and the bottom line can be used to contour/sculpt the face. This palette also contains banana powder to set the undereye concealor. And talking about the baked highlighters, they are extremely extremely gorgeous ones. I especially love the pearl highlighter, I use it to highlight my brow bone, cheek bone and my tear duct area.





This is all about my new love. Hope you all enjoyed it. Do lemme know with your likes,shares and comments.
See you beauties till my next post.


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