Hey beauties,

I am back with a wonderful product review today. This blog post is dedicated to my MAKEUP REVOLUTION ‘BLUSH QUEEN’ BLUSH PALETTE. Just when i saw this palette being sold in India with one of the online instagram store, it just caught my eyes and i thought I should have this palette in my makeup vanity. I generally opt for matte everything when it comes to makeup, but ever since i got this beautiful blush palette and swatched these, OMG they were amazing.



‘Introducing our new baked blush palette, smooth, blendable and finely milled baked blushes and highlighters, perfect for a beautiful glow. 8 pigmented shades in one amazing palette. Sweep highlight shades along cheekbones and an upward stroke of blush shades starting from the apples of the cheeks.’


PRICE: INR 1000/- (totally unaware of its original price)

Where did i buy it from: I bought this MAKEUP REVOLUTION BLUSH QUEEN PALETTE from an instagram store named @nowandwowchennai (if you guys are interested, just search by that username). The guy handling that insta store is amazing. He actually gives the best and least price tag to every product he sells. Do check out for best deals.


The MAKEUP REVOLUTION ‘BLUSH QUEEN’ BLUSH PALETTE comes in a plastic case with no box cover as it comes with the other Makeup Revolution palettes. The top part is like a plasticey see-through kind of packaging, so that we can see the blushes inside. And backside are the palette name and ingredients details. There is no mirror included in this palette.



These are the baked blushes. Highly pigmented and extremely  smooth and velvety in texture when you touch them and also when applied to the cheeks. The blushes contain very fine shimmers which blend with the skin.


Here is the close up of the palette with flash/artificial light.IMG_20160427_104133-1.jpg

The shades included in this blush palette will flatter any kind of skin tone. Every color looks so beautiful.

Swatches:  (taken under flash light)IMG_20160427_104852-1.jpg

The colors and shimmers where not actually being caught in natural light, so i had to switch my flash to click this.

Overall, except for the mirror issue, this MAKEUP REVOLUTION BLUSH QUEEN PALETTE has no particular cons to talk about. This is one gorgeous baked blush palette everyone should own.



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