This would be my first ever purchase from the new range that The Body Shop has introduced – OILS OF LIFE. The Body Shop always amazes us with the most unique trend and blend of products. In that category comes this OILS OF LIFE range. Now what is this all about? The Oils of Life skincare range include 3 precious natural seed oils that claim to nourish and bring back radiance to dull, tired and lifeless looking skin. In this range comes – Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil, Essence Lotion, Day Cream and a Sleeping Night Cream.

I always wanted to try all the products from this range but never got a chance to pick all of them due to their high prices. Thanks to which came with 35% off during a sale and i immediately grabed this one from the sale. Nykaa always saves my money. Anyways back to the review. IMG_20161012_114337-01.jpeg

Introducing our Oils of Life™ skin care range: Infuse life back into your skin with four revitalizing products created to nourish and bring back radiance to tired, lifeless looking skin. The power of encapsulating three precious natural seed oils into each product offers your skin true radiance. Skin feels revitalized, nourished, and radiant. By infusing 3 precious seed oils from around the world, known for their revitalising and repairing properties on skin – Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile – into a silky cream with perfecting micro-pearls, we created a daily cream that intensely revitalises skin, replenishes moisture and revives radiance.


This sleeping night time cream moisturizes, revitalises and nourishes the skin whilst you sleep. Skin looks and feels:

– Revitalised
– More supple
– Nourished
– Visibly Rested
– Reduced appearance of ageing


Seeds give life to a new plant, making seed oils one of the most concentrated sources of essentials nutrients on earth. Cold-pressed to their pure form, their potent properties are preserved and ensured that the utmost affinity to the skin.

3 Precious Revitalizing Seed Oils:

  • Black cumin oil from Egypt, known for its concentration in antioxidants
  • Rosehip oil from Chile, rich in repairing Omega 3 and 6
  • Camellia oil from China, naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid

By infusing them with a powerful blend of 7 Powerful Essential Oils:

  • Lavender Oil from France, known for calming and sedative properties
  • Rosemary Leaf Oil from Tunisia, helps prevent free radical damage & improve skin tone
  • Geranium Oil from South Africa, promotes radiant skin
  • Roman Camomile Oil from Central Europe, a calming agent
  • Marjoram Leaf Oil from Mediterranean countries, used to fragrance the product
  • Orange Peel Oil from Southeast Asia, revitalizes the skin
  • Lavandin Oil from Provence, stimulates the fusion of elastin and collagen


PRICE:   INR 2495 for 80 ml. I got it for INR 1650 from sale(don’t remember the price exactly..oops)


The packaging of this night cream comes in a sunset orange/amber colored ombre-ed glass jar with a black lid. It has an extra lid/stopper kind of for the product leakage purpose. The packaging looks super luxurious.


The texture of the cream is absolute stunning. It has a shiny/bouncy gelcream consistency that works beautifully for people with almost all skin types. The cream nourishes and hydrates the skin well. A little quantity goes a long way. It has a non-greasy feel after application. It doesn’t soak in to the skin well. A good massage is required for the product to completely absorb into the skin. It is a light weight gel cream and does not feel any heavy once absorbed completely even on my oily skin.



The cream a mild fragrance of blend of essential oils. Anyways the fragrance bothers only for about half an hour after which it subsides. I absolutely have no issues with the fragrance, I kind of like such soothing and calming fragrances which relaxes my mind when i sleep.

I am using this as my night cream since almost a month now. I take a real good extra amount of product and slather it on my face and neck, and give it a good gentle massage for about a minute or two. It takes time to absorb completely. Since it’s only a night cream, I do not mind in getting it heavy in application for that extra nourished feeling.


I really couldn’t see any reduced signs of aging(coz i never really look out for it), but it definitely does a good job in nourishing the  skin whilst asleep. I wake up with a fresh radiant, soft and supple skin the next morning everytime i use this night cream. The day I forget to use it, my skin gets worse the next day. So this sleeping cream has become my favorite night cream and i will definitely continue to use it regularly. This 80ml jar lasts for a really long time though.


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