Nykaa is emphasizing more on bringing up its own beauty line. And to be frank, everybody loves their products. NYKAA is an online shopping site which has come up with their own line of Nail Polishes way back ago and they were a huge huge hit in the market. And then they introduced their Matte Nail Lacquers recently and as expected, amazing quality products and then came up their Neon Matte nail lacquers which are kind of okay okay. And now Nykaa has stepped aside from the nails range and introduced their SO MATTE! lipsticks very recently. I am glad that I picked few of the shades.20161018_111515-01.jpeg


img_20161018_104808WHAT NYKAA CLAIMS:     Nykaa So Matte! Lipstick Collection

You’ve got a new favorite matte lipstick! The creamy, long-lasting texture gives you pout-worthy lips in one stroke. It effortlessly glides on your lips, giving you a gorgeous soft matte finish. Pucker up and party with our delectable matte lipstick. Muah!

  • Plush, pigment-rich formula.
  • Long lasting.
  • Intense color pay-off.
  • Smooth texture.
  • One stroke application.
  • Luxurious, effortless glide.
  • Soft matte finish.
  • Vitamin-E enriched.



PRICE:     INR 399/- (each)

Why you should make it yours ????
Unlike its chalky peers, this cruelty-free, and high-pigment formula is infused with Vitamin E for a soft, cushiony and flexible finish. The unique formulation ensures that your lips stay comfortable, colored up and matte-smooth all day. Another bonus: These vivid, full-coverage hues are hand-selected and named by Inhouse Nykaa Panel, just in time for the festive season. The best part, they’re super affordable so you can go all out and buy the whole range.


SHADES AVAILABLE:   There are about 12 shades available as of now.

  1. Notorious Red 01 
  2. Frisky Fuschia 02
  3. Devious Pink 03 
  4. Racy Rose 04 
  5. Pink Brat 05 
  6. Sinful Blush 06 
  7. Wicked Wine 07 
  8. Orange Vice 08 
  9. Pink Flirt 09 
  10. Mischievous Plum 10 
  11. Naughty Nude 11 
  12. Taupe Thrill 12


I picked up 5 of the shades – Naughty Nude, Taupe Thrill, Devious Pink, Wicked Wine & Mischievous Plum.

  • Naughty Nude – a pinkey nude shade
  • Taupe Thrill – a browney nude shade
  • Devious Pink – a bright pink shade
  • Wicked Wine – a bright berry shade/ maroony red shade
  • Mischevious Plum – a bold purpley plum shade


PACKAGING:    The Nykaa So Matte! lipsticks come in an attractive pink cloud patterned carton box with black text details on it. All the description about the lipstick including the shade name is mentioned on the box. Inside is the lipstick. The lipstick comes in a square shaped rather than the regular cylindrical ones. On the lipstick is an silver colored imprint of Nykaa brand name. The lipstick comes in a complete matte black case. And the most exciting part is it has magnetic closure system. The magnet has quite a strong power that the cap doesn’t come off easily. For the price tag with this kind of amazing sleek packaging! It is worth every penny. Nykaa you guys rock! So much loving the packaging itself.

20161018_112530The lipsticks have soft creamy texture to them. The color pay  off is really good. The lighter shades may need a 2-3 coats to get the right opacity, but the darker shades are extremely pigmented that in one stroke they go bam!. These lipsticks set down to a semi-matte finish. They are not completely matte that they dry out the lips and also not glossy ones, they have the right texture for the lipstick to give the lips the right amount of moisture and help it stay hydrated yet being a matte lippie. These lipsticks are infused with Vitamin-E and Castor oil, and I guess that’s where the shine comes from.

20161018_113158These lipsticks are not transfer-proof. Being on the semi-matte side, these do get transferred onto things. The lipsticks are extremely pigmented that they leave a stain on the lips. Even the lighter shades leave a light hint of stain behind on the lips.  They have a good longevity too. These stay for about 5hours without any snacking. Once we start on a binge, it starts to fade away and since it leaves a stain behind, it feels like there is still some on the lips. This is the case with bolder and darker shades. the lighter shades fade out quickly once after a meal and the same old reapplication drill continues.

Here are the swatches of the Nykaa So Matte! lipsticks. From top to bottom are Mischevious Plum, Wicked Wine, Devious pink, Taupe thrill and Naughty nude.20161018_113944-1

Left- Natural  light                                                           Right- Sunlightimg_20161018_121604

Overall, I think Nykaa has really done a good job with these lipsticks. I hope the lipsticks were bit more matte and trust me, these would have taken over all the others brands too. And I wish they come up with different and unique color chart too rather than only different pink shades.



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