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We already know that Maybelline had launched their V-Face contour range in India. I have already reviewed their V-Face Duo Stick and the V-Face Duo Powder previously. In this post, I will be reviewing the MAYBELLINE V-FACE BLUSH CONTOUR. Although these products are most talked ones when they launched, but now I guess they are least talked. I don’t even hear about these.


Maybelline New York presents a stunning V-face Blush Contour by Face Studio that makes it easy to define, shape and highlight your features like a pro. An all-in-one contouring and face sculpting powder blush, this gives dimension to your face with its color-coordinated blush, contouring shade and highlighter. Promising a 10% slimmer face with an instantly sharper nosein just a few steps, Maybelline V-face Blush Contour can be used to get a rosy blush look, that adds a subtle contour with a rosy satin finish.

  • Three-dimensional contouring blush.
  • Easily blendable with intense pigmentation.
  • Gives a smooth, satin finish.
  • Suitable for all face types – square, round or heart shaped face.
  • Available in 3 shades Coral, Brown and Pink.


PRICE –   INR 550/- for 4g product.


  1. Step 1 : Sculpt below the cheek bone and along jawline forming a V-shape with a narrow end brush.
  2. Step 2 : Apply blush shade onto cheek bones using the shade in the middle.
  3. Step 3 : Illuminate above the cheek bone with the highlight shade using a wide edge brush.


PACKAGING –   The Maybelline V-Face blush contour comes in a sleek yet tiny plastic case. It comes with these trio shades in three separate sections in the form of a V. When it has a blush, highlight and contour, we expect the palette to be big enough to atleast pick up or swipe the product from the case. This such a tiny one. This trio also comes with an angled brush which is kind of bit harsh one. For me atleast it is useless, it is not at all tapered at any angle and hence it is bit pokey.


This Blush Contour comes with a highlight shade (which is the lightest shade), a blush shade and a contour shade (the darkest shade). The textures of all the three shades are super smooth and fine. The pigmentation of the blush is fairly good. Definitely a multiple swipes is required for a good coverage. The blush shade feels out to be bit chalky on my cheeks and the lighter shade is just a chalk powder. Even the contour shade doesn’t show up much on my skin. Since they are a bit chalky, they do not blend properly.

Talking about the staying power, it totally failed. It doesn’t even long  for full 2 hours. It has very poor longevity.

IMG_0700.JPGThe round swatch at the bottom is the mix of all three shades. It gives a light peachy pink shade when combining all. I guess the best way to utilize is by combining all and use  as a mosaic blush.  IMG_20161014_123211.jpg

Do you guys own this product? Lemme know how did it serve you and how do you use it? And lemme know your opinions on this post by commenting below, and do not forget to FOLLOW my blog and LIKE this blog post.untitled

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