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Our makeup stash isn’t complete without some makeup brushes, and when I say makeup brushes every makeup addict dream brushes would be the Real Techniques makeup brushes. Yess, I myself am a huge fan of their brushes,they are so good and so perfect to work with. If you haven’t tried any of their brushes or you  are a makeup beginner, the Real Techniques brushes are the most suggested brushes. I have done a post on the Real Techniques basic brushes collection, do check it out.

So recently, Real Techniques had come out with the Ultimate Set range where Sam & Nic tried to get the best of their brushes into separate sets also including some exclusive new brushes. And as a lover of their brushes, I picked 2 of their new sets. IMG_20161119_110433.jpgI got the Limited Edition Ultimate base set and the Multi Task set. OMG, these two sets are just a dream. I picked up these brushes from Although priced at very affordable prices, they do charge a hefty amount on shipping. And it took around a week to 10 days to arrive to me. These are also available at So do check them out.


The Limited Edition Ultimate Base set is a collection of three base essentials. This set is the must-have expansion to the core collection. The three essentials help target small imperfections and blend your base makeup for a flawless complexion.

  • Expert Face Brush:-    Ultra-firm and broad for buffing cream or liquid foundations.
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge:-    Rounded side blends larger areas of the face, the precision tip covers imperfections, and the flat edge contours around the eyes and the nose.
  • Deluxe Concealer Brush:-    Dense, rounded bristles for well blended concealer application above and below the eye area. This is a exclusive brush and is not sold in singles.
  • Exclusive Mirror To-Go case:-    The perfect compact case comes with a huge mirror for touch ups.

I have never tried their miracle complexion sponge and the experts face brush, and people swear by these two products and that’s the reason it is one of their best sellers. So when I saw this set I thought this would be a good deal to get it and try them.



This Limited Edition MultiTask set simplifies your makeup routine. The collection has 3 brand new and exclusive brushes with unique cuts and sizes, to make you a multitasking pro. These versatile brushes are ideal for liquids, powders, or cream products.

  • Exclusive Multitask Face Brush:-   Angled cut can be used to set powder, apply bronzer and contour face
  • Exclusive Multitask Cheek brush:-   Extreme tapered cut can be used to apply color to apples of the cheeks, highlight the cheekbone and contour
  • Exclusive Multitask Eye brush:-   Soft tapered cut can be used to apply color to the crease, highlight the brow bone and softly smudge along lash line
  • Exclusive Design Panoramic Case:-   Dual carrier and stand keeps brushes organized on your counter or on the go

20161118_162512C.jpgimg_20161121_101851OMG,  that brush case made me buy this set mostly. It is such a beauty. And yeah I liked the angled face brush, which i use for bronzing my face and the cheek brush, which i use for applying my highlighters. Picks up the right amount  of product and applies very smoothly and softly.

Did you guys try these new sets from Real Techniques?? Tell me which one did you like from my collection. Lemme know what brushes do you own too? Do hit the LIKE and SHARE buttons if you like my post, and don’t forget to FOLLOW my blog and my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles too. Untitled.png


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