Hello angels!!!

I have heard a lot about this Korean brand named INNISFREE and  many Asian girls rave about their skincare products. It was tough finding such really good beneficial products in India, and Amazon had them selling at nearly double the actual prices, which was a bad idea to deal with. And then in recent times i heard that Innisfree had launched a store in New Delhi, although a yay for Innisfree being launched in India it is a bit sad that it is only limited to lucky Delhites only.

And now comes the best part- launches Innisfree and now Innisfree products can reach every person in every city out there. How cool is that?!! If you haven’t known about this news yet, go jump on to Nykaa’s website and get your carts full for this awesome Korean brand. IMG_20161222_104130.jpg


I took an advantage from the Nykaa’s introductory offers and grabbed some handful of products. So, let’s see what I got.

INNISFREE IT’S REAL SQUEEZE MASKS –   It was a 5+5 offer, and so I had to take advantage of it. PRICE-INR 100 and 150 each.IMG_20161222_113055.jpg


  • Innisfree Wine  Peeling Jelly Softner – INR 900/-
  • Innisfree Wine Jelly Sleeping pack – INR 1100/-

INNISFREE GREEN TEA FRESH ESSENCE – Priced at INR 1400/-IMG_20161222_125611.jpg

INNISFREE JEJU VOLCANIC 3-IN-1 NOSE PACK –  Price at INR 550/-IMG_20161222_104719.jpg

INNISFREE JEJU FIG HAND CREAM – Priced at INR 300/- but This was a free products that i got from them.IMG_20161222_104917.jpg

So that is all I bought from Innisf





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