Colourpop cosmetics has never-ending products to excite us everytime. They almost release new collection every alternate week or every month. By the time I decide whether to get a particular set/collection, they launch something new. And for a makeup junkie like me it is really tough to cope up these kind of express launches.

A couple of weeks back in December, I bought the COLOURPOP IT’S VINTAGE MINI ULTRA MATTE LIP COLLECTION. These were launched back in October 2016. When it comes to trying different shades from the same brand, I basically go with the minis set or a combo, which really come handy as well as they come for a good deal. IMG_20161216_131526.jpg

The It’s Vintage mini ultra  matte lip collection is one of the sets from the Fall Edition. This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving SUPER intense color with a bold, ultra matte finish. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!


PRICE – $18 and I bought this for INR 1850/- from an instagram store @whatwomenlovee

This set includes 5 mini ultra matte liquid lipsticks.

  • Bianca: a true nude shade
  • Tulle: dusty burgundy shade
  • Notion: deepened raspberry shade
  • Love Bug: rich mahogany shade
  • LAX:  vampy browny red shade


Different people have different issues and opinions on the texture and formula of these Colourpop lipsticks. The same do I have. Like some shades apply so smoothly and they feel so comfortable on lips, but at the same time there are some shades and their formula doesn’t seem work at all, they get so crumbly, feel so flakey and super drying on lips. It definitely bothers me.

In this set too, Love Bug is one shade I was eager to try and it turned out that it gets crumbly and it flakes off right after it dries out to matte finish.


Did you guys get your hands on this lip set?? Which shade is your favorite? Hope you enjoyed the pics! untitled



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