TRY SUGAR Cosmetics has recently launched their new line of liquid lipsticks called as the SUGAR SMUDGE ME NOT LIQUID LIPSTICKS. Sugar cosmetics is one of the Indian brands and my favorite of course, that brings the best products at really affordable prices in the market. This time they introduced 10 stunning shades in this line  and I couldn’t stop myself  from getting few shades.

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

If you’ve ever lusted for a “one-coat wonder” product for your lips, your search ends here. Get a full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single swipe of the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick that will stay the day and right up till the night! Wine, coffee & date-proof – this is a matte lipstick that is guaranteed to last longer that your longest day. Available in 10 stunning shades that will make it difficult to choose – the question is, are you ready to commit to a lipstick that is built to last?

Benefits: The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick gives you opaque pigmentation with a single swipe that stays all day with zero feathering or fading. 

  • Our favourite mattifying fix contains a generous helping of Vitamin E and comes in a full range of 10 gorgeous shades that is guaranteed to make your OOTDs stand out!
  • This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin.

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

How to Apply: For precise application, apply it to your bottom lip first and then tend to your upper lip. Since the formula is very pigmented, we suggest applying the color to the bottom lip first, pressing your lips together and then filling in your Cupid’s bow.

PRICE:  INR 499/- for 4.5ml

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

Available in 10 Shades and Sugar cosmetics describes each shade as –

  1. Brazen Raisin : Looking to announce every entry of yours without saying a word? Up your lip game to bold burgundy with the Brazen Raisin shade that’s as addictive as it is badass!
  2. Brink of Pink : Raring to have a carefully careless day with your BFFs where good times aren’t measured by the hour? Sport Brink of Pink with its dusty mauve hue to amp up the smile on your lips and the laughter in your heart!
  3. Tan Fan : A fan of deep-toned taupe that defines the timeless nude of the 90s? Get your hands on Tan Fan with its muted brown and pink that will give you the perfect look to pair with smokey eyes
  4. Plum Yum : Crafting an elegant look that blends the artistic with the stylish? Embrace the mild tones of Plum Yum whose muted berry shade with its immortal appeal is bound to weave an aura of grace around you
  5. Rust Lust : Walk into every room like you own it with Rust Lust – a terracotta red shade that strikes a delicate balance between the reds and the browns to make your pout stand out without a hint of doubt!
  6. Tangerine Queen : Scale new peaks with the unapologetically bold Tangerine Queen! Pair this vibrant orange coral shade with your favourite dress and you’ll make a statement that few will dare to disagree with
  7. Rethink Pink : Ready to flaunt a pop of color to inspire cheer in all around you? Swatch Rethink Pink on your lips – a warm red fuchsia that combines the bright with the bold to create a look that’s inimitably beautiful
  8. Wine and Shine : A hat-tip to the glamour and luxury of the 20’s Gatsby era – raise a toast to Wine and Shine if you fancy a deep violet berry shade that is a vintage classic and an instant hit!
  9. Suave Mauve : Love to sport a Hollywood-inspired look that blends the sophisticated with the subtle? Choose the popular Suave Mauve with its neutral purple-pink shade that’s a time-tested everyday classic!
  10. Drop Dead Red : A showstopper red that will never go out of style – Drop Dead Red is your weapon of choice if you’re ready to make a statement wherever you go and a bold one at that!

I initially bought 4 shades and later I got a chance to pick 1 shade from The Fab Bag subscription box. So that counts to a 5 now. And the shades I have are – Brink of Pink, Tan Fan, Plum Yum, Wine and Shine & Suave Mauve.

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

PACKAGING The Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks come in a small plastic kind of tube with a long flat U-shaped doe foot applicator. The packaging is exact related to the Maybelline Lip Polishes and the Velvet Mattes, and the Palladio liquid lipsticks also  got the similar packaging going on. The bottom of the bottle provides with the shade name and numbers. And also the tube is tranparent so that it gets comfy in picking a particular shade rather than studying the name. The U-shaped wand doesn’t give much control at the drawing the crisp edges.


TEXTURE, FORMULA, PIGMENTATION : The Sugar Cosmetics Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks are neither too runny nor too thick in formula. It has a light-weight, thin creamy consistency which gives a super opaque coat in its first swipe itself. It applies very smoothly and evenly on the lips. Although the darker shades may go a bit patchy, because I own a darker shade-Wine and Shine,  and it does get patchy  when tried to layer on. These lipsticks are absolutely smudge-proof, transfer-proof, non-sticky, non-tacky, and neither do they flake nor do they crumble. Absolutely amazing formula. But they are extra extra drying on the lips. If you have dry cracked lips and apply this lipstick straight up without any prepping, then you might end up with a Saharan desert lip by 1-2 hours.

Talking about the pigmentation, they give a full coverage in one swipe. In this case of lipsticks, the lighter shades just need one swipe but for the darker shades, you need to go over again to get the even application without the patchiness.

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

LONGEVITY : These liquid lipsticks cling on to your lips and no matter what happens, they do not and do not leave your lips. They stay for the longest time- say 8hours and maybe more also. But do not forget the same old LLD(Liquid Lipstick Drill) that they do fade from the inner rim of the lips and give you that butt hole lip.

Being said that they stay on for long period, getting rid of these lipsticks from the lips is a tough job too. These guys do not melt even while removing with my coconut oil. SUGAR TEAM what formula did you guys incorporate in this tube???

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review - sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks swatches

sugar smudge me not liquid lipsticks review

Overall, Try Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipsticks are the best budget friendly liquid lipsticks available in the Indian market now. And we makeup enthusiasts definitely wait for more vivid and bold shades to play with. I would definitely recommend every girl  to try atleast one shade from this range and I bet you might want to buy more. untitled



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