Hey my Angelss!!

I basically buy makeup whenever I find them under sale section or whenever there are offers going on. If you’re just like me, then you should definitely check on Nykaa always have offers going every other day, so I bet you don’t wanna miss them. And one day while browsing through the app I stumbled upon the Makeup Revolution products and to my surprise, they had all the new holiday sets collection with some really cool offers. So I immediately filled in my cart and checked out. And yay I finally received this huge box. Frankly speaking, I did not expect it to be huge.

Makeup Revolution HD pro strobe revolution

Get your strobing on point! This Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution Palette includes everything you need to create a glowing, strobed effect. Layer strobe balms and highlighters over features to enhance and add dimension to your look.

The Ultimate Palette that contains everything you need to finish, brighten, contour and highlight your skin. Now strobe and shine with ease with this intensely pigmented palette that has shades to suit different skin tones with lovely, buildable shades designed to sculpt and highlight with ease.

The kit contains:

  • Pro HD Strobe Palette
  • New Pro Strobe Brush
  • New Pro HD Lights brush (radiance brush)
  • Strobe Stick

Makeup revolution HD pro strobe revolution


PRICE :  INR 2500/-. I got this for a discounted price of INR 1875/-.


This Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution kit comes in a huge black box with all the details on it. We have this Pro HD Strobe palette, which consists of two strobe balms and two strobe powders. One of the balm has pink tone to it, which I believe its for the cool toned girls and the other strobe balm has gold tone. These balms are greatly pigmented. And the two powders are not that highly pigmented and I don’t expect a bang on highlight, coz these are only meant for strobing.





Next are the two brushes. New Pro Strobe Brush and the New Pro HD Lights brush (radiance brush). These are the new releases included in this kit. Omg these brushes are super soft and fluffy. It comes with a wooden body with rose gold handle and the bristles have this pink-white ombre going on.



Lastly including in this kit is the Strobe Stick. Comes in a retractable black stick form. Interesting part about this Strobe Stick is that the product looks Pearly white in the first sight, but but but after I swatches it damn it is an absolute pure golden toned. It has great pigmentation and applies well with finger blending technique.



Don’t get surprised by the swatch now. IMG_20170221_124204-01.jpeg

Do you wanna buy this set? These sets are available at Nykaa and Habbana websites in India and Tambeauty and Ulta sites abroad. Do give this a shot if you’re a strobe queen.



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