nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review

New Launch Alert by NYKAA again. Nykaa just launched their new MATTEILICIOUS LIP CRAYONS. Nothing attracts me more than the word MATTE! I am so a Matte person. As soon as I saw this on their website, I immediately threw it in my cart and here they are.

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons is the perfect way to get that gorgeous matte pout! This cruelty-free, and high-pigment formula gives you an intense matte finish that lasts for hours without fading or feathering! The unique formulation ensures that your lips stay comfortable, colored up and matte-smooth all day long!

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

What Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons claims :

Game, Set, Matte! Fall mattely in love with our Nykaa Matteilicious Crayons. These lip crayons boasts a remarkable formula that pushes the boundaries of color intensity with an extreme matte formula. This supreme formula glides on your lips effortlessly giving you that matte finish that you’ve always craved for!

  • Extreme matte finish
  • No feathering
  • One stroke application
  • Super long-wearing
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Comfortable on lips

PRICE :   INR 650/- each. It comes with its own sharpener. I bought the whole set, for which Nykaa offers a free pouch with the purchase. So I got 4 lip crayons with 4 sharpeners  along with the free Nykaa complement. And you get a 10% off on this combo. Cool offer, and that’s why I had no second thought.

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

SHADES AVAILABLE : They just came up with the basic 4 shades, a nude, a pink, a red and a bold shade.  Nykaa describes the shades as –

  1. HOT AS RED 01 :  This flaming hot red hue is all you need to make your man count his blessings! Swipe this gorgeous hue on and set things on fire.
  2. PERFECT PLUM 02 :  This deep plum hue is powerful enough to make a statement and mysterious enough to keep things interesting. Take things in your hand with this mystical hue. Remember, a little mystery never hurt anyone!
  3. PINK ON  FLEEK 03 : This lovely pink shade is sure to kick up the fun factor. Sit back and enjoy the ride with the bubbly shade.
  4. NEXT LEVEL NUDE 04 : Take the things to another level. Walk down the road with this sultry nude shade. Swipe it on babe, and do it your way!

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

PACKAGING :   The Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons come in the same regular ‘Nykaa’ packaging- the pinky coral carton box with the description on the box. And the lip crayon comes in a textured matte crayon  pencil form with a color coded indication at the bottom. And the lip crayons have silver embossed Nykaa Matteilicious print on it. A sharpener is included with every lip crayon.

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

FORMULA, TEXTURE & PIGMENTATION :  The Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons are basically powdery matte lipsticks. I really had great expectations when they claimed that these apply as a crayon, wears as a liquid lipstick and stays on forever. They apply as a creamy lipstick but these set to a powdery matte finish. We just have to give some time for the lipstick to set from creamy to a matte. They feel comfortable on lips though. The most important point to remember is that we need to have ultra smooth lips for application, otherwise you gonna mess this up. They glide on the lips smoothly. Since the initial formula while application is creamy, it doesn’t tug or pull the skin. They have medium-high sheer coverage. Yes, I was surprised by this, I expected crazy pigmentation of them. For darker lips like mine they do need a second layer. And when I applied the second layer it really went on patchy. If you have a habit of pressing your lips together constantly they do get patchy, I mean the lipstick just comes off like a patch and you have to reapply it. These Mattelicious lip crayons are most nearer to the claim transfer-proof. I did see that they do transfer a very tiny bit. If you check for transferproof right after application, you would definitely see that they do transfer the powdery tint. But if you check it after an hour or so, then you’ll rarely see the transfer on to cups or glasses. These stayed on the lips for 5-6 hours with drinks and meal survival. After 5-6 hours they start to fade off overall, most oftenly from the inner rim.

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

Next Level Nude is a perfect nude shade for me and its the only lip crayon that I loved from the entire set. It applied very smoothly, stayed on my lips for more than 5-6 hours and felt very comfortable wearing it. Pink On Fleek is the most miserable lip crayon from this collection. I donno if its only me who got a bad batch of this lip crayons set or is it same with everyone, but no matter how many times in how many ways I try to apply this crayon, this doesn’t work on me. The application is very sheer, it gets patchy and what not. Hot As Red and Perfect Plum have decent pigmentation and these darker shades do leave a tint behind on the lips.

nykaa matteilicious lip crayons review swatches

Overall, by now, when Nykaa has its own beauty/makeup line and people do rave about your products, we do expect more from you. I’m a little disappointed with these lip crayons. I feel that nykaa has to improve the formula of these Matteilicious lip crayons.


Did you try the new Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons? What is your favorite shade from the collection? I would love to check out other reviews too to know how and what do other bloggers think of these.

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