I’m a big fan of this Makeup Revolution brand. I absolutely love their contour palette, blush palette and radiant lights highlighter. I bought the strobe kit too recently and omg that has also turned my absolute favorite. And this is a new addition from Makeup Revolution to my makeup stash. I always wanted to try their eyeshadows, that being said for the longest time I had the Flawless palette in my wish list but it was one of the fastest selling palettes from any websites. This Eyes Like Angels palette was also in my list and hence its in my stash now. IMG_20170310_103611-01.jpeg

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Ultra 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette – EYES LIKE ANGELS

ULTRA 32 Eyeshadow palettes are the perfect professional eyeshadow go to palette. All you need in one handy collection palette.
32 shades in 1 palette with a great mix of shimmer and matte wearable and experimental shades to create any look and play with, for amazing performance and value!
ULTRA eyeshadows are packed full of pigment and all NEW shades. Large Full Size Mirror


PRICE :  INR 1750/- for 16g of product.

INGREDIENTS :  IMG_20170310_103821-01.jpegIMG_20170310_103727-01.jpeg

PACKAGING :  The Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels eyeshadow palette comes in a silver cardboard outer box with all the shades pic mentioned on the box itself, which is actually a good thing so that we get an actual glimpse of what shades this palette consists of. Inside is the actual palette. The palette comes in a glossy black plastic case. Upon opening it, it has a plastic cover with all the shades names written. And it has a huge(full sized) mirror to it, which is a total yay for me. IMG_20170310_104348-01-01.jpegIMG_20170310_104915-01.jpegIMG_20170310_104315-01.jpegIMG_20170310_105814-01.jpeg

The Makeup Revolution Eyes Like Angels palette has a variety of color range. It contains mattes, shimmers and few heavy glittery shades too. The shadows have very finely milled texture to them. They apply smoothly on to the lids. The shadows have a great pigmentation too. Even without a primer the shadows stay intact on the lid. When applied along with the primer they have a longer staying power though and also the pigmentation takes us to next level. The shadows have a very little amount of fallouts, mostly the glitter shades. This is not at all a problem I guess, that should be totally fine as fallouts is a normal case with any eyeshadows.

A closer look at the eyeshadows with a flashIMG_20170310_105836-01.jpegIMG_20170310_110112-01.jpegHere are the swatches. I myself, am surprised with the shades and pigmentation of them.IMG_20170311_002300-01.jpeg

Hope you enjoyed it! What are your thoughts on this Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 eyeshadows palette- Eyes Like Angels.?


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