Hey angels!!

So if you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you would have known that I received a huge PR package from the brand named GLAMGALS PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP. It is a U.S.A and UAE based brand used by most professional MUA’s and in most salons. They offer an affordable range of colorful, contemporary, high-quality products with the theme “Keep it simple and keep it glamorous“. Their products are made of international quality and the company’s mission stands at manufacturing affordable products for women of all ages.

And now GlamGals Cosmetics is available on Nykaa too.

GlamGals Brightening Brush Foundation – 

The GlamGals Brightening Foundation has a perfect coverage HD formula for a flawless complexion.

  • Keeps skin well moisturized.
  • Ideal camouflage for the skin.
  • A silky base foundation with a rich texture for a comfortable and long lasting coverage.
  • Equipped with its own foundation brush.


PRICE :  INR 800/- for 40ml/ 1.35oz product.

INGREDIENTS :  IMG_20170418_122154-01.jpeg
SHADE :  I got the shade BF10. There is no particular shade name mentioned anywhere on the box nor on the product. But if anyone’s buying this from you might find different shade names for them. Choose your correct shade accordingly. Although I’m not getting to which shade this BF10 corresponds to.
APPLICATION :   IMG_20170418_122217-01.jpeg
PACKAGING :   The Glamgals Cosmetics Brightening Brush Foundation comes in a creamy rosegold colored box with all the details about the product on it. Since its a UAE based company the description is also mentioned in Arabic language. Inside is the product, which is actually securely packed in a travel-pouch which exactly fits the foundation. Even though the foundation looks huge, it slim design makes it fit anywhere, making it a very travel-friendly foundation. The whole packaging is rose gold. And the foundation comes with a huge brush tip for easy application. The foundation works on a click mechanism. We need to click the bottom of the foundation pen in order to get the product out of the brush. I had to click a 50times to get the product out of the brush. This is quite common while using a new product for the first time. Once the product is out, the next time usage will be just as normal.
Initially I thought the brush applicator would have rough bristles and it would be difficult and harsh on the skin, but this foundation pen proved me wrong. The bristles of the brush are super super soft and it blends the foundation very well.
TEXTURE, FORMULA & PIGMENTATION :   The Brightening Brush foundation has a creamy consistency, but not too thick. It has a light weight formula to it. The foundation has pretty high coverage and it is buildable. It blends in very easily and smoothly with the brush itself. It does not clog the pores. I use a damp sponge over the brush application to evenly distribute it for a still more flawless effect.
The shade I chose is a bit darker on my skin as you see the swatch. But I can definitely make it work. I use for color correcting my dark circles and concealing any dark spots or dark spots, and it pretty much does its job.
The foundation stayed on my oily-combo skin for more than 6 hours. Even though it is not mentioned anywhere, I guess this foundation is waterproof, coz even after I spritz water on my face, the foundation stayed intact and did not move at all.
Here is the swatch of the foundation. Its darker and falls under orangey family, and thats the reason i use for color correction and concealing rather than brightening/highlighting purpose.IMG_20170418_122929-01.jpeg
Overall, I seriously did not expect this high performance from this Glamgals Brightening Brush Foundation. Now, this foundation has been one of my favorites. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.
Did you guys try this Glamgals cosmetics Brightening Brush Foundation??



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