When it comes to comfort makeup, I’m always first for it. Stick foundations have become my favorite ever since I tried the Kryolan TV paint stick. It made application of the foundation very simple and easy without any kind of mess and fuss. And also very travel-friendly sticks. And they feel quite comfortable on the skin too. After the Kryolan brand, I found almost similar and much close to alternative and it’s the GLAMGALS COSMETICS STICK FOUNDATION.IMG_20170418_123453-01.jpeg

Stick Foundation –
  • GlamGals Stick Foundation is a natural blend & holistic product that works like a foundation, a concealer, A compact and a sun screen.
  • The Gel-Stick formula goes on creamy, Blends easily, And transforms to a matte powder finish.
  • Every single application gives your skin an even tone while masking its natural imperfections.
  • With its extra creamy and moisturizing formula that easily blends into the skin, You get the much desired matte-effect without the pores getting clogged.
  • Its Silky matte finish keeps your skin flawless and radiant and Hides imperfections.

Application tips :  After moisturizing your face, apply directly to several points of the face such as the forehead, nose, both cheeks and the chin. Spread it with fingers or a beauty blender sponge for clean effective and flawless blending.


PRICE :  INR 550/- for 30g product.

You can buy the GlamGals Stick foundation here –


I bought the shade SF08 which perfectly and exactly matched my skin tone.



The packaging of the GlamGals Stick Foundation is quite normal, nothing fancy in there. But the matte black body gives a classic look to the stick. It comes with a screw cap which has GlamGals text embossed on it. The foundation comes in a retractable stick form, so it makes the usage very easy. Also the packaging is very travel-friendly that it can be thrown in any makeup stash or handbag without any thinking.


The foundation is extremely creamy and soft in texture. It makes the application process very easy. The foundation doesn’t really have any kind of fragrance. Due to its soft creamy texture it blends in smoothly and evenly when used with a damp sponge. Coverage wise, this stick foundation is highly pigmented and in single coat almost all the pigmentation and unevenness of the skin is covered. The foundation really gives a flawless smooth and airbrushed looking skin after setting. It sets to a complete matte finish when used alone. But when used with any illuminator or any dewy primer base, it gives that dewy and glow from within kind of finish.

The foundation seems to be waterproof, although not stated anywhere. I found that the foundation stays intact and doesn’t move or crease anywhere when in contact with water. This is a total surprise though. This foundation stayed for a whole day, and trust me I did not even count on the time for which it stayed on. It was on for a whole day.


I donno if its the super hot Indian summers or whatever, did my stick foundation melt a little and that’s why it is this creamy?  That is just one single swipe of the foundation and it gave pretty great coverage and also look how creamy and smooth texture it has. Here’s one more, IMG_20170418_124109-01.jpeg

Overall, this GlamGals Stick Foundation totally surprised and impressed me with its performance. And ofcourse this foundation has made to my favorites list. I definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a good coverage mess-free foundation. untitled1



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