I love to have my brows on fleek. I feel as if I don’t have my brows if I don’t groom my brow before stepping out of my home. Brow products have become my staple in my makeup stash and I keep collecting different brow pencils which fall under affordable range. So our very own favorite brand, Maybelline in India has launched two new brow products- one being the FASHION BROW POMADE CRAYON and second one is the FASHION BROW CREAM PENCILIMG_20170426_143513-01.jpeg

Maybelline’s 1st brow pomade crayon. Master the perfect brow in one simple sweep. Sculpt and tame bushy brows into refined shape with one creamy swipe of the crayon. This easy-to-use pomade crayon sculpts and tames eyebrows as it colors. Draw small strokes along the brow contour to achieve groomed, well-shaped brows.

  • Achieve perfect brows in just one stroke.
  • Suitable to sculpt bushy brows.
  • Creamy texture that is easy to use.


PRICE :  INR 450/- for 1.5g of product.

I picked up mine from Nykaa(direct link to the product). You can get this at a discounted price always when Nykaa has sale on Maybelline products. Right now there is one going on, so hurry up if you guys wanna get this Brow Pomade Crayon.


SHADES AVAILABLE : There are 2 shades of the Brow Pomade crayons available –


I bought the shade DEEP BROWN. Now, can you guys tell the difference between Soft Brown and Deep Brown by your commonsense? Soft brown should be a lighter shade of brown and Deep Brown should be a darker version of brown. But in this case they are completely opposite. Soft Brown is much darker than the Deep Brown shade. Why Maybelline? Why? I had the same kind of problem with the Fashion Brow Duo too.


Let’s talk about the product now. The Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon comes in a retractable small fat crayon kind of packaging. It has a retractable mechanism, thank god for that, we don’t have any product wastage. It has a black body and a color coded bottom so it is easy to pick up from the makeup stash and also it has a transparent cap so its obviously easy in recognizing.


As seen in the pic above, that’s the total amount of product we get in this Pomade crayon. Talking about the formula and texture, this Brow Pomade has a moussey kind of texture. It isn’t that thick in consistency as the regular pomades and  I think it is just because of the moussey and ultra smooth formula. And also the pomade does not apply evenly. When I swatched it on my hand it applied evenly, but i don’t think it will be a problem when applied  directly on the brows. This pomade crayon is only good for filling in the sparse areas in the brows. The thick crayon does not sharpen any edges of the brows though. The shade DEEP BROWN doesn’t show up much on dark brows as the shade itself is a light  brown color. The only good thing I found in this Brow Pomade is that it keeps the brows intact and the brows don’t move.

Pigmentation wise, it has medium coverage and as told, it has uneven application issues. It is not water-proof and it smudges off very easily, not completely but it is  clearly noticeable that it smudges. The wear time of this is kind of okay, like it stayed for 4 hours on my brows and after that when I checked, I noticed that it faded gradually.



Top- Bare Brows.               Bottom- With the Brow Pomade

Overall, the brow products from Maybelline did not work for me at all. I think Maybelline has to work more in getting more better brow products. Please Maybelline, we love you for the numerous amounts of most affordable products in the world. If you are trying to get this Maybelline Fashion Brow Pomade Crayon, please choose SOFT BROWN if you are looking for a darker brown shade. And that’s a wrap for this post, I shall come up with more posts in my coming posts. untitled1


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