IMG_20170505_134646-01For makeup freaks or makeup junkies like me, sales are like saviors. They are the biggest ever dream come true for people who always dream of having every single makeup thing, but then affordability just stops our way. And one such dream come true sale was this one. Never in my life I thought of holding quite a bunch of ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIQUID LIPSTICKS. Ever since they have launched and I’ve seen all the YouTubers and Instagrammers rave about them, I always dreamt of having them. And finally finally finally here are they. And today’s review is all about them.

IMG_20170506_110237-01ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIQUID LIPSTICK – An intensely pigmented, cult-favorite liquid formula that delivers a rich, long-wearing matte look to the lips. Use the flat sponge-tip applicator to apply the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick with precision for an unforgettable look.

  • Full coverage with opaque color
  • Non-drying formula
  • Available in 35 shades

PRICE : $20 each for 3.2g/ 0.11 oz.


I bought them from an Instagram trusted page @beautyshop_india when there was a sale where ABH had a price drop. And Chessa(the owner of the Instagram page) made all this possible. I booked for just 3 lippies which costed me about INR 4100 and she was super kind enough to send me another one as a token of love. OMG she is one of the most trusted and kind-hearted girl whom I’ve seen(not because she gives out free stuff, but you’ll know when you talk to her) and I blindly place huge orders with her. Anybody who is so interested in buying international makeup, I totally totally recommend to check her page where she gives out the best price possible. And also I’ve made a post on Top 10 Instagram pages who sell Authentic International makeup  from where you can buy 100% original stuff, do check them out too…


Talking about the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIQUID LIPSTICKS, I have the shades CRAFT, ALLISON, TRUST ISSUES and CURRANT. The shade Currant was a latest addition, it was a part of the new Valentines 2017 collection and hence the packaging  of this lipstick is quite different from the others. These lipsticks come in a regular transparent tube bottle with silver cap and ABH text on the bottle. The shade name is given on the bottom of the bottle tube. Craft, Allison and Trust Issues have the regular slant tipped doe-foot applicator, whereas the Currant has a U-shaped applicator and the text font on the lipstick tube is slightly different.


I do have mixed feelings about these liquid lipsticks. Although they are liquid lipsticks, these have a very thick creamy consistency which is very comfortable in application. They glide on the lips very very smoothly and they hug onto the lips which is the best thing about them. And these set into a transfer proof matte finish, after taking quite sometime for setting though. These lipsticks give maximum opaqueness in  just one single swipe. I did find that the shade Trust Issues gives a patchy finish. These lipsticks do accentuate the cracks and fine lines on the lips and that’s the reason only a single layer of the lipstick is enough. And one observation I did notice is, the lipstick stays for a much longer time and has much smoother finish if applied with a lip brush rather than the given doe-foot applicator.


These lipsticks do last for the whole day only when you starve for the whole day. Yes. It is the same drill of the liquid lipsticks, that after any kind of meal or snack the lipstick wears off from the inner rim of the lip and only the lip line is left. Even if you don’t snack inbetween, I found that these lipsticks kind of crumbles at the inner rim part.




So, overall, if you are someone like me who likes to experiment out every lipstick in the world, then I would recommend these Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. untitled1

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