20170616_154349-01-01.jpegWho doesn’t love glitter eye shadows? I’m totally obsessed with the glitters. Add some glitter to the normal eye look and it just takes the look to another level. Glitters have such tremendous power. Being an Instagram addict and going through a ton of various trendy looks, glitters just made it to the trend now. From Glitter Injections to OPV makeup to Dazzlize cosmetics, I’ve been dreaming of getting the glitter shadows and I’ve always wanted to touch it and play with them. But it takes sf money to buy each glitter, like literally they are damn expensive. While going through my Instagram feed one day I found an interesting page which is run by a young girl (obviously she should be a makeup enthusiast) where she makes pressed glitters. I was totally shocked to see like some Indian girl making Pressed Glitters. So I contacted her and immediately bought myself some of the pressed glitters from her to test out. And in this post I’ll talk about these TS Cosmetics Pressed Glitter Eye shadows.IMG_20170622_104153-01.jpeg

This is her page link – TS__Cosmetics  And she’ll be launching her own website very soon.

TS Cosmetics :  PRESSED GLITTER by TS. No fall, No glue, No mess. Water resistant formula. Creamy pressed glitters require no glue, and have the special ‘No glue, No mess, No fall’ formula helping you achieve the best glitter eye look.

PRICE :  INR 110/- each and there’s about 8g of product in the little tub, which is way more for that price.

TS being her name – Tabassum Saher, is the one behind the whole thing. TS__cosmetics also makes illuminator base in different shades, makeup brushes which are taking the trend. like the oval brushes and the mermaid brushes and the silicon sponges. They also came up with different glitter varieties too. I really wonder how is she managing all this though.

I bought the regular pressed glitters from her in 10 different shades. She has almost 50 different shades of glitters and she also customizes our own glitter according to our needs and she makes it possible. The Pressed Glitters come in a little plastic tub form with a screw cap, rather than the regular eyeshadow pans. And they are packed in a normal yet quite attractive cardboard carton boxes with all the details on it. On the box is also mentioned the shade name and the procedure to how to use it.


I’ll be posting each pic twice – one in normal lighting and one under flash light, coz glitters need that extra glare.

Keeping the ‘mess’ aside, which is obvious in any pressed glitters, these glitters are very creamy and highly  pigmented. They feel very comfortable on the eyelids, but I guess these would be quite uncomfortable for the hooded eyes. With the slightest dip of the finger into the glitter, it picks up enough glitter to fill the eye lid. The glitters apply very smoothly and evenly onto the skin. They don’t give any patchy effect. Although they apply smoothly, the glitters kind of feel gritty. The claims regarding these pressed glitters are almost true, they is no mess, no fallout and the glitters need no glue as they stick to the skin perfectly.


They stay on the eye lids for pretty 4-5 hours without any fallouts and mess, and after 4hours the glitter start to fall out lightly. It is also claimed that it is water resistant, but no they are not. When I put my swatches under running water they lightly washed away and when the rubbed them with my fingers they are completely gone. So they aren’t water resistant. Although while wearing any glitter makeup we’ll definitely be over conscious not to get into water, so this shouldn’t be any issue. The removal process is quite a mess if the glitters are removed with any makeup remover. Rather, put them under water or splash some water to remove them and they come off very easily.


I’m super glad and proud that even we have a pressed glitter brand in India that makes awesome stuff. And am so happy to introduce these to you guys. I definitely recommend these to everyone to try out at least one shade, and I bet you cannot just stop with one. I just can’t have enough of these now and I’m obviously planning to get more from her and I’ll update on them too. untitled1




    • ummm thats a tough job to choose just 2… maybe I’ll choose any Gold shade and the Diamond shade, golds and silvers go well on any outfit and the bling they give is just amazing…


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