Hello beautiesss!!

I have no idea when my addiction to highlighters started, and it is rapidly growing day by day as and when I see a new highlighter or illuminator or a strobing palette newly launched. This is one such product. In this review post, I’ll be talking about the new MUA LUXE OMBRE SHIMMER STICK


Add beautiful shimmer and shine with MUA Luxe’s 3 shade Ombre Highlighter. The stunning 3 tones, designed to compliment each other in this creamy formulation, are easily blendable and versatile. Apply to areas on the face and body to add subtle and glamorous gleam accents and gorgeous radiance to your face.

  • A gorgeous ombre shimmer stick with 3 stunning tones.
  • Has a soft, creamy texture.
  • Adds natural radiance to your face.
  • Highlights your face beautifully.
  • Compliments all skin tones.


PRICE : INR 950/- for 12gm

AVAILABILITY : This MUA Luxe Ombre Shimmer stick is available on Nykaa and Amazon. I bought this from one of the Nykaa sale at about 800/-.


The MUA Luxe Ombre Shimmer stick comes in a larger than lipstick sized, amber-cream colored shimmery retractable stick form. It has a very classy gold embossed design going on around the stick. It is definitely a travel-friendly sized and very easy and comfortable to throw in to any bag/makeup pouch.



This Shimmer stick, as the names says, is a 3 shades cream highlighter stick. It has 3 shades – a very light rosey pastel pink shade, a champagne shade and a golden bronze shade. The bronze shade takes over the other two as there is more of this bronzey shade than the rest two shades.

This cream highlighter has a soft and smooth buttery cream formula. It glides on the skin very smoothly. Its not shimmery though, but it applies as a metallic. And the ombre is very clear to vision, the pink to bronzey shifts is just so gorgeous. When blended, it gives a champagne shade with such a soft glow. It suits almost all skin tones. I’m a dusky skin tone and this gives a soft champagne gold glow. And on fairer tones I guess it gives a shimmery bronzey glow.

Here are the swatches – IMG_20170712_150049-01IMG_20170712_150256-01


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