Hello beauties!!

Who doesn’t love good quality makeup products and that too at very affordable budget? I wouldn’t let them go off my hands when such beauties are wandering in India. Sivanna Colors is one such makeup brand that hit the makeup market with its amazing affordable products and is still coming up with more and more beautiful products. The Sivanna hype in India actually started with the Shimmer Bricks that were a huge hit and dupe for the MUR and Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, and were much raved by pretty much all bloggers. And till  date Sivanna hasn’t stopped in  amazing us. I recently saw this Sivanna Colors Makeup Studio Cheek & Contour palette on Amazon while browsing some affordable products and I know that I’m not letting this go off. And here it is. 


Buy Sivanna Colors Cheek & Contour palette HERE

AVAILABILITY : The Sivanna Colors Cheek & Contour palette is available on Amazon and with Charis Enterprise instagram page.

PRICE : INR 500/-. I bought mine from Amazon.


The Sivanna Colors Makeup Studio Cheek & Contour palette comes in a very travel-sized palette, very easy to carry with. It comes in a black textured carton box outer casing, and inside is the palette which comes in a black glossy palette with a clear lid to see the shades in the palette. There are 4 matte shades in this palette – 2 blushes, 1 yellow highlighting powder and 1 contour shade. The pans are decently sized, not too small nor too big. And there’s an indication of ‘blush’, ‘glow’ and ‘contour’ which is embossed on each pan.


The Sivanna Colors Cheek & Contour palette consists of 4 matte pigments –

  • a cotton candy shaded blush
  • a peachy orange shaded blush
  • a yellow highlighting powder
  • a cool toned chocolate shaded contour


The palette looks really so adorable that you do not want to miss it. The palettes are pretty much confusing to choose online. Only if there’s a store which  sells these Sivanna products, then it is advised to choose the palettes accordingly. I picked up the palette no. 03 and it is still quite unsatisfying to me, coz the blush shades seems a little pale on my skin tone. Yes, the two blush shades in this palette seemed to be much paler on tan skin tones like me, but if you have lighter skin tones these blushes would go pretty well on them. The reason behind these being such lighter shades is that, Sivanna is an Asian based brand and to compliment their skin tones, such lighter shades are much suitable. Next the highlight powder seemed to be a yellow banana powder which blended in very easily. And the contour shade is just perfect for me, just a shade darker than my skin color to simply sculpt my face. The powders are soft and smooth, and they are easily blendable. They are buildable too.


I did have the same issue with the Blush palette too. I was too tempted to have my hands on it and even after choosing the darkest shades, this happens. The blushes are basically white based pigments which gives that soft natural look, and I’m little skeptical whether it would show up on deeper and darker skin tones. Except this fact, I absolutely adore this little cute palette.

Swatches of the Sivanna Colors Makeup Studio Cheek & Contour Palette – 20170712_144834-01

Being a much affordable palette and a multi purpose everyday palette, I’d recommend this to all makeup junkies who’d love to try new and budget friendly products. untitled1


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