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Hello beauties!!

I’m a huge admirer of PAC Cosmetics, all their products are amazingly stunning and a huge hit in the makeup industry. I absolutely love every product of theirs as they keep pouring in with new releases. I’m trying to build my own PAC kingdom slowly. If you are a makeup lover or a makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, then you must know the importance of makeup brushes. And it is never enough to have enough makeup brushes in your vanity. PAC Cosmetics has added in the new Kabuki Brushes to the makeup brush stash. Recently, I got my hands on 2 of their kabuki brushes. I’ve always loved kabuki brushes, they just make the makeup application very easy. IMG_20170712_141652-01

The PAC Cosmetics brushes are available on Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart. The new collection of the kabuki series brushes are only available on Amazon, from where i bought mine. The PAC brushes come in a safe and secure zipped pouch, which is a great travel-friendly one. The pouch fits in a lot of eyeshadow brushes, but for the huge face brushes this pouch just hardly fits in 2 brushes. I ordered 2 brushes, out of which one came in the pouch and one brush came in a plastic cover/wrap.



  • PAC DENSE FLAT-TOP KABUKI BRUSH 257 – IMG_20170712_142306-01 The name speaks it all, this is a really dense round flat-topped kabuki brush. This brush is best used for foundation application, helps it in buffing the foundation really well. It works well with liquid, cream and mousse foundations. The bristles are so soft that it blends in the foundation seemlessly. I use this brush for contouring too, the edges of the flat-top serve me best for contouring the cheeks, jawline and even my nose. I would say, this flat-top dense kabuki brush is a multi-purpose brush. This brush is priced at INR 685/-IMG_20170712_142119-01IMG_20170712_142156-1-01
  • PAC MEDIUM POWDER BRUSH 261 – IMG_20170712_142513-01 This is a medium sized really fluffy dome shaped powder brush. It is not completely a round brush, it is quite a little flat at the roots but when looked in any angle it looks like a rounded one. This brush picks up the powder products well and also blends it perfectly. Can be used for all and any powder products. This brush too serves me as a multipurpose brush. I use this brush for brushing my compact under my eyes and my whole face. And also I use for bronzers and bronze my face. This brush is priced at INR 545/-IMG_20170712_142350-01IMG_20170712_142423-01

The brushes which I picked are medium sized and are most perfect fit for our face shape and size too. There are smaller and larger versions of these brushes too, clever PAC which made different sized brushes.


  • Very sleek packaging and comes in a zip pouch.
  • Synthetic bristles.
  • Super soft bristles which don’t irritate sensitive skinned people.
  • Multi purpose brushes- can be used in different ways.
  • Few of the brushes are available in different sizes.
  • Budget friendly makeup brushes.
  • Easy to wash.
  • No fallout of the bristles


  • Not much. But when you buy the brushes in bulk, not all of them come in a pouch. Alteast for the bigger brushes, I wish they come in individual pouches, coz when packed separately they kind of loose its shape.

Which PAC brushes do you own? And do leave more brush suggestions as to which all brushes should I try more..

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