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Recently NYX Cosmetics has completed 1 year on Nykaa and on its first birthday bash, NYX has added up some more newly launched products on Nykaa website. We now have access to some of the new collection from the NYX cosmetics exclusively through Nykaa. As soon as I heard this news and saw that they were bringing up the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation to India, I only prayed that I find a good match for myself and also the prices should be decent enough. I took advantage of the early access to buy them, and the first thing I checked out was this beauty. In this post, I’ll be reviewing this NYX COSMETICS TOTAL CONTROL DROP FOUNDATION.


From sheer to full, your ideal coverage is just drops away with the new NYX Professional Makeup’s Total Control Drop Foundation! Fine-tune this velvety, matte foundation with the included dropper. Simply adjust the number of drops until you create the look you’re feeling today. Want more coverage? Add more drops.

Features :

  • Custom-create the level of coverage you want with this liquid foundation.
  • Silky, smooth formula that is absolutely lightweight on skin.
  • Provides sheer to full coverage with a matte finish.
  • Makeup Pro tip – Buff expertly using the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation Brush for a seriously smooth finish. 

nyx total controldrop foundation1

PRICE : INR 1250/-. And we get 13 ml/0.43 fl.oz of product in the bottle.

AVAILABILITY : This NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation is available on Nykaa website. Although NYX announced that it’s gonna bring all 24 shades, it only launched 15 shades, which are available on Nykaa.

I’m in the shade GOLDEN HONEY. I’ve struggled a lot in picking up my perfect match and after a ton of research, finally I did find it. This Golden Honey shade is exactly my shade, not lighter not darker.


Don’t know your perfect match? I’ve got you guys! Find your perfect match foundation here. Once you get the desired foundation matched to your skin tone, find it and add to your Nykaa cart and you’ve got yours.


HOW TO USE :   Apply 1-2 drops of NYX Total Control Drop Foundation for a light coverage look. Gently buff into the skin by using our Total Control Drop Foundation Brush starting from the center of the face and working your way outwards in circular motions. Add 3-5 and more drops for increased coverage.


The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation comes in a normal and not so fancy kind of black carton box. On the outer box, all the details and description as to how to use the foundation and all that stuff are mentioned. And the foundation bottle comes in a frosty transparent dropper bottle with black screw cap. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker at the bottom of the bottle. Even after such great dropper packaging, the foundation still spills out and it gets all over the nozzle. From the little quantity we get, the foundation spill out is such a wastage. This foundation doesn’t come with an SPF, nowhere on the box it is mentioned that it has any SPF. For me personally, I prefer foundations without an SPF and this foundation is total good for me.


NYX Total Control Drop Foundation in the shade Golden Honey is described as a tan shade with neutral undertones. As described, it is so true to the claim. Although the swatch and the foundation seem to look very warm toned, while blending it, the foundation adapts to the skin tone and blends in perfectly. NYX says to use 2-3 drops for a light coverage, 3-4 drops for a medium coverage and 4-5 drops for full coverage of the foundation. And for that perfect flawless base, it’s best to blend the foundation with the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Brush. But guys, this foundation brush is pricier than the foundation itself and no ways ain’t I spending that much on one brush , so I better chose my own blending tool.


Talking about the formula and the texture of the foundation, this NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has a watery consistency, very runny. The foundation has a very lightweight formula which it blends into the skin like a dream and it makes it feel like a second skin. It gives a light-medium coverage which is perfect for everyday looks. It kind of depends of the skin condition that what coverage it gives, if you have any acne, dry patches, dark spots, blemishes, hyper pigmentation, then this foundation doesn’t cover those issues whatsoever even after layering it 3-4 times(I bet no ones gonna layer it that many times though). But if you’re blessed with normal to great skin, then you’re gonna love this to bits. This foundation gives a velvety matte finish – no dewy, no shine, no luminosity. A good prep is definitely necessary, as it enhances dry patches quite a bit, after 3-4 hours of wear time.  And this foundation lasts for a good 6-7 hours, after which oils cannot control themselves to peek out of the T-zones obviously and there is fading of this foundation after the 6 hour time.


I use the pipette to put the foundation drops directly on my face, just like the Youtubers and the Instagram’ers do it. I put one drop each on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and blend it with a brush. I use my oval brush or PAC flat top brush to blend the foundation. They work well with liquid foundations. Omg, this foundation blends in like magic, the thin consistency makes it blend very easily. On my skin, it gave me medium coverage, but it definitely made my skin look lot better. I have a little concern about my dark under eyes and the pigmentation around my mouth, and this foundation only just covered them up lightly. Don’t expect this foundation to cover all your flaws, which obviously it doesn’t. The foundation doesn’t look cakey or patchy anywhere.



Overall, I love this NYX Total Control Drop foundation. Gives a light-medium coverage which is perfect for daily looks. The lightweight formula makes it feel as if there’s nothing on the skin just like My Skin But Better (MSBB) kinda foundation. I definitely recommend this foundation to everyone as it suits almost all skin types.

Did you guys try this NYX Total Control Drop Foundation?? Which shade are you in? Lemme know your thoughts on it. untitled1


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