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Don’t tell me that Colourpop new releases do not excite you..then you must be from another world. Colourpop Cosmetics has launched its first palettes a month back and I was super excited to give them a try. I got myself the Gimme More Highlighter palette from the first release and I got it after a month. So, in this blog post I’ll be reviewing this highlighter palette from Colourpop Cosmetics. 


Colourpop Gimme More! Highlighter Palette –

High-shine radiance delivered in a buttery soft powder highlighter that effortlessly blends into the skin for that lit-from-within effect.

Extra: pale gold
Upgrade: baby pink
Bottomless: tangerine with a gold flip
Full Service: pink with a gold flip
Bigger and Better: champagne
Total Package: metallic rose gold


This one gives a better idea.Screenshot_2017-08-11-21-13-06-1.png

PRICE : $18. And they claim that each individual pan has about 3.6g(0.13oz) of pressed powder highlighted in it.

I bought this palette from an Instagram seller @be.a.divaa.


I was way too much excited when I received this palette, but then I was surprised to see that the palette came completely without any outer case nor any protective plastic sheet inside. I mean, I have no idea if this did happen only with people who booked it in the first release itself or is it only with me. And found that few of them got it with all the casing, and few received it without any. Surprise that why Colourpop did that though. Apart from all that, the second pan, from the palette I got, got a bit damaged(thankfully not broken though). All this is quite a bad experience.

Let’s talk about the palette now. The Colourpop Gimme More Highlighter palette, which I got, comes in a little grey-toned white magnetic enclosured palette. It’s not completely milky white palette. On the front is written ‘I LIKE YOUR FACE’ with all shade names mentioned on the backside with a bright neon orange color, like everything. Inside, we have COLOURPOP written along with #COLOURPOPME in same bright neon orange. We also have #COLOURPOPME embossed all over on the lid inside. The palette has 6 unique highlighter shades, each shade suitable for almost every skin tone.

IMG_20170811_102534-1-01-01.jpegIMG_20170811_102552-01IMG_20170811_102211-1-01-01IMG_20170811_102139-01Under flash light – IMG_20170810_155940-01-01-01

The size of the pans are pretty decent and I guess this whole palette will really last all my life though. The pressed powder highlighters are very soft and smooth powders. They give pretty good and decent pigmentation, they’re not that bomb though like the Super Shock highlighters(of course they’re cream based). They do apply very smoothly and they don’t enhance the pores much. They aren’t any chunky glitters in it too, these highlight powders are such finely milled.  I did feel that the first two highlighters are white powder based, because those shades did apply much like that. Extra and Upgrade shades are more cool toned shades, which suits all cool toned pale skin girls whereas the rest others will very much suit the medium-dark skin tones. There are specs of gray kind of reflexes in Extra and Upgrade shades. Worry not! they can be definitely used as eyeshadows or to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. The remaining shades have a really good warm pinkey-peachy ones to them, which are universally like the best shades.

In natural lighting – you can see that Extra and Upgrade are a tad bit pale and chalky and powderyBeautyPlus_20170811115953_save-01.jpegSunlight is the best friend to highlighters. BeautyPlus_20170817003621_save-01.jpegBeautyPlus_20170815120145_save-1-01


BeautyPlus_20170817005018_save-01.jpegUnder the camera flash – BeautyPlus_20170817000241_save.jpg

I really made it possible to post pics in every possible lighting and angle. I hope this post did help you guys out in clearing all your doubts.

Did you try the COLOURPOP GIMME MORE PRESSED POWDER HIGHLIGHTER PALETTE?? Lemme know your thoughts on it… untitled1



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