Hey pretty ladies!

Who doesn’t love glitter eye shadows? Adding just a hint of glitter eyeshadows instantly takes even the normal look to a full glam look. Glitters have such magical touch. Recently, I received two of the Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows from an Indian brand named GLITTER GALAXY. And today’s review is all about the Glitter Galaxy Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows. 


Micro Glitter single eyeshadow which is highly pigmented for achieving clam look in a second. No eyeshadow glitter glue required. Every eyeshadow pan is magnetic. Pan size – 26mm. 


PRICE :  INR 200/- each.


Buy the Glitter Galaxy Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows – HERE


The 2 shades I got are PARADISE and ROSE SUGAR. They have a ton of colorful glitter eyeshadows to choose from. And recently they’ve started with conceptual collections.


PARADISE is a 3D holographic green-blue glitter. IMG_20170817_115947-01

ROSE SUGAR is a metallic muted rose gold glitter from the regular collection. IMG_20170817_115957-01

The Glitter Galaxy Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows come as singles packed in a plastic case. The pans are the regular 26mm ones and are magnetic too. The quantity of the product we get is actually normal when compared to other glitter brands, but it’s way less in real. Any MUA’s using these glitters daily for full glam look, one single pan would not be enough, it wouldn’t last long.


The glitter is very soft to feel and touch. They are a little bit gritty, which is obvious with any glitter eyeshadow. The Rose Sugar glitter, which is a fine glitter,  did feel a bit gritty in texture whereas the Paradise glitter, which is a chunky glitter applied very smoothly. And OMG I love the Paradise 3D holographic glitter, it’s just so satisfying just swatching it only. The holographic shift it gives is just to die for, but sadly she had only created 2 shades from the holographic collection. It definitely requires no glitter glue to apply, that being said they do take multiple swipes for application. They don’t transfer much onto the crease area unless with the hooded eyes, coz I’m sure hooded eyes can’t take any glitter even. They don’t claim to be waterproof, which they aren’t though. I ran water on my swatches and the glitters kind of washed away.


Did you try these Glitter Galaxy Pressed Glitter Eyeshadows?? What is your favorite shade? untitled1

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