Hello pretty ladies!!

If you’ve been an instagram addict like me, besides being a makeup enthusiast, you would have known the instagram page @online.makeup.india. A pretty mua, who also sells makeup, mostly the imported ones from Dubai, like the Victoria lipsticks and palettes and Faresat highlighter palettes at much affordable prices. Faresat is one such Dubai based brand, and I got an eyeshadow palette from this brand – Faresat Eyeshadow palette In the Garden. It’s actually more than an eyeshadow palette, it can be used as highlighters too, they’ve got such intense pigmentation. I’ll be reviewing this palette in this post.


PRICE :  I got this palette for INR 1200/-.

You can buy the palette from @online.makeup.store.india.


The palette comes in a floral printed brown colored outer casing and the palette itself. It has a wood theme going around. Most of the details are actually mentioned in Arabic language. This palette is pretty big both inside and outside, but very light in weight. The pans in the palette are quite big, that these shadows last very long. To me, this palette serves as multipurpose – as eyeshadow palette and also as highlighter palette.


As you see, all the shadows are extremely shimmery, mostly which reminds me of the highlighter shades.  The second shade from top is a cream based, surprisingly, while the rest are powders. I didn’t expect that and I accidentally dipped my finger in hard for swatching. They are so soft and they do have a mix of finely milled shimmers and also small glitters. And these shades are extremely insanely pigmented. OMG! And obviously they do have very tiny bit of fallouts.


Did you try this Faresat eyeshadow/highlighter palette? What do you think of the product??

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