Nykaa Matteilicious Lip Crayons is the perfect way to get that gorgeous matte pout! Nykaa has launched 8 NEW SHADES in the MATTEILICIOUS LIP CRAYONS range. This cruelty-free, and high-pigment formula of the lip crayons gives you an intense matte finish that lasts for hours without fading or feathering! The unique formulation ensures that your lips stay comfortable, colored up and matte-smooth all day long! Also, these babies will ensure you look fabulous without breaking the bank. Go ahead, grab em’ all! 


Game, Set, Matte! Fall mattely in love with our Nykaa Matteilicious Crayons. These lip crayons boasts a remarkable formula that pushes the boundaries of color intensity with an extreme matte formula. This supreme formula glides on your lips effortlessly giving you that matte finish that you’ve always craved for!

  • Extreme matte finish
  • No feathering
  • One stroke application
  • Super long-wearing
  • Glides on effortlessly
  • Comfortable on lips


PRICE :  INR 650/- each for a quantity of 2.8g.

AVAILABILITY : These NYKAA MATTE-ILICIOUS LIP CRAYONS are available on Nykaa website.


SHADES : There are 8 new shades in the market – and Nykaa describes them as –

  1. Kiss N Tell 06 : Jump in the deep end and surrender to the MATTE-ilicious Lip Crayon in Kiss N Tell. This blue-toned red is all you need to raise the temperatures of the room you walk in to. Go ahead fabulous, step out in style.
  2. Purple Punk 07 : Not for the faint-hearted, the Purple Punk will bring out the Rockstar in you! This deep plum shade is nothing short than a fashion statement. Go bold or go home!
  3. Fired Up 08 : Don’t try to tame her, set her wild and free! Fired Up is a bright orange that is too hard to not notice! Don’t let anything hold you back, go and get it!
  4. Lacy Luck 10: : Put your best lace on and get ready to blow his mind! This peachy nude is cheeky enough for make him want to never leave! Look good for him and bring your lacy luck with you!
  5. Jade Rose 11 : We know you’ve been all over the world looking for that perfect shade! Jade Rose is a dusky pink that is beyond pretty! You’ll be the girl who’ll be flipping the universe upside down with your gorgeous pout.
  6. Mocha Sin 12 : Mocha Sin can make all the good girls go bad! This nude shade with neutral understands is all you to put a spin on your look. Go ahead, commit the Sin!
  7. Twilight Dreams 13 : Be ready to fall head over heels for this magical shade. The lovely plum shade with red undertones is sure to put a spell on him. Swipe this beauty on and meet the lipstick of your dreams!
  8. Call Me Scarlet 14 : Let that body rock from side to side! Put your hands-up and lose control with this hard-to-miss bold red shade. Dance like it’s the last night of your life and show off your gorgeous self!


Screenshot_2017-08-29-13-35-43-1Screenshot_2017-08-29-13-34-58-1From L-R are Purple Punk, Twilight Dreams, Call me Scarlet, Fired Up, Kiss n Tell, Jade Rose, Mocha Sin and Lacy Luck. IMG_20170830_005650-01.jpg



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