That is a mouthful now. And thanks to Maybelline that at last we’re getting access to few of the most raved products from the house of Maybelline in India too. Here’s one of it, which I got my hands on from Nykaa, the MAYBELLINE FACESTUDIO MASTER BLUSH COLOR & HIGHLIGHT KIT


Color and highlight for dimensional statement cheeks with the Facestudio Master Blush Color and Highlight Kit by Maybelline that delivers unlimited artistry in a beautifully curated collection of blushes and highlighter for a versatile cheek palette. Go beyond the conventional and highlight for a vibrant and chiseled look. The Color and Highlight Kit allows you to blush your own way. Use each shade alone or Mix and match to create a custom cheek color.

  • Contains a gorgeous collection of blushes and a highlighter
  • Easily blendable and highly pigmented shades
  • Use each shade alone or mix and match to create a custom cheek color


PRICE :  INR 925/- for a 4-pan palette.

NET WEIGHT :  13.5g in total, which means each pan has nearly 3.4g of the product, for which we’re paying about INR232 for each pan and which is just about 1g less than the Fit Me blushes. Pretty decent amount for the pricing.


How to use product – 

  • Step 1. Apply blush. (Tip: Use shades alone or mix & match shades to create your own look)
  • Step 2. Add highlighter to the high points of the cheeks to add dimension. Blend.


The Maybelline Facestudio Master Blush Color and Highlight Kit comes in a huge 4 pan palette, which has a semi see-through lid. The palette isn’t very sleek nor very bulky, it’s kind of okay in terms of carrying it around. As the name says, it has 3 blush shades and 1 highlighter. The palette doesn’t come with any mirror nor any brush for the application purpose too.


We have 3 blush shades – a peach, a bright cool-toned candy pink and a dark mauvey maroon blush. And the highlighter is a beautiful light champagne shade. Firstly and frankly, I did not expect this palette to perform so good, I’m way too impressed with this and I’m so in love with it now. When I first saw it, the blushes had shimmers on them(as you see in the pic above, with flash), which I’m not all fond of. I like my blushes to be matte. But surprisingly when I swatched, they turned to be total matte. They’re not like dead matte, instead they are mostly like velvety matte in formula and texture. The powders are so smooth and insanely pigmented. They are not at all chalky anywhere nor they apply patchy. They blend in very easily and smoothly. The blush shades can be mix and matched according to our choice, which is a great thing. So now we can customize our own blush depending on our mood and the day.

The peach and the pink shades are very subtle looking blushes and they do compliment medium-deep skin tones. They suit to almost everyone infact. The maroon blush, although haven’t tried, is best suited for the more darker skin tones. And the highlighter gives a subtle soft glow and not that bang on one. It is perfect for everyday soft glow look.

Here are a bunch of swatch pics in all possible angles, as I always do.


Did you try this new Maybelline Facestudio Master Blush Color and Highlight Kit? Do let me know your thoughts…


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