I’m a big believer that if you focus on good skincare, you don’t need much makeup on. Skincare needs a whole lot of commitment, it’s not something miracle that would happen overnight. Everybody is born with beautiful skin. Taking care of it is what matters. And I’m so much into skincare these days, as beautiful and healthy skin is what reflects first. So, I’m taking care of my skin and its never too late to start your skincare journey. 

Here’s my very simple and easy everyday morning skincare routine that I follow. And these are my current favorite products that I’m loving and using them religiously, and which work on my combination skin so well.

My Skincare routineAnd if you’re wondering about the EXFOLIATE step in my routine, I don’t exfoliate on a daily basis. Exfoliating daily rips off the natural oils from your skin, which can cause dryness and breakouts, so it is advisory to use exfoliators twice-thrice a week, which I do so.

These are the products you can find them online, mostly which I personally bought them from Nykaa.

Hope you like the post and felt helpful, lemme know your thoughts. Any suggestions are most welcome! untitled1



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