I know, this would be probably the most late post, but nevertheless I thought I should do it and yeah I’m doing. I’m talking about the cult favorite MORPHE BRUSHES 25B BRONZED MOCHA EYESHADOW PALETTE, which I bought it when Morphe first launched the 25 series Bronzed Mocha and Copper Spice eyeshadow palettes and it was all over the internet and everyone went crazy for these Limited Edition palettes. Yes, I’m one among them. I tried my best to get my hands on this palette and it was one of my Instagram seller(mostly my dear friend) who made it possible. And here is the beauty, such a gorgeous palette. 


A twenty-five-colour deep brown and purple eyeshadow palette.

With a range of foil and matte finishes, the 25B Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Palette is a must-have for any beauty lover. Each of the shadows in the clear plastic casing boast a highly pigmented and ultra-blendable formula for long-lasting eye looks.

PRICE : $18

AVAILABILITY : This palette is available at Morphe Brushes stores, both online and offline. Also at Ulta and Beauty Bay websites.

I bought my palette from an Instagram seller. I cannot mention her page here, as she left her business, sadly.

If you’re gonna search for this palette now, you’ll probably end up in finding some other palette. That’s because Morphe recently launched these 25A and 25B palettes again and made these permanent(as far as I know). And Morphe revamped their packaging, you’re no longer gonna find the square pan-ed palette, they did change to the regular round pans with the same shades. And also, Morphe did launch and add two new palettes 25C and 25D in this range. Both of them being colored palettes. I’m excited to try the new ones too.


Talking about this palette, it comes in a really sturdy square shaped plastic case, as any normal Morphe palette would be. Morphe does take a lot of care in its packaging, wrapping it in different covers. It has a see-through lid and we have square pans starting from lighter shades to darker shades. The palette is really convenient to hold, and also to carry it around during traveling.

The palette has 25 eyeshadows with three different formulas – mattes, shimmers and metallics. Bronzed Mocha is like a everyday warm and earthy shaded palette with more of brown and burgundy mix of shades.


The mattes are highly pigmented and very smooth to work on. They blend in very easily. The top two rows are completely mattes and the first row is dedicated to light shades which are definitely best for base shades. The second row comprises of nude shades with different undertones like warm brown, cool gray, yellow etc. The last two rows have got some really dark earthy shades, that are absolutely perfect to use as transition shades or work in the crease to give that depth. I did find the mattes to be very powdery, and the gray toned shades from the second row are a tad bit chalky and they don’t show up much on medium-tan skin tones.

The middle row is completely dedicated to metallic shades or mostly foiled shades which are totally stunning. They’re just so creamy and glide on the lids easily. When used alone these metallics give out the max pigmentation, but when you wanna top it over a shadow you need to go over a couple of times to get the intensity. In that case using them with a Fix Plus or any fixing spray and glide these shadows over.


In sunlight


Under flash

My favorite from this palette are rows 3, 4 and 5. I absolutely love those metallics. And the mauvey, dark brown and burgundy shades are just my kinda shades.

I’ve swatched 23 shades from the palette and the reason I haven’t swatched the two shades is that they’re very similar to already swatched ones. There’re 3-4 shades which almost look alike except the fact that they’ve different undertones to them.



Here’s how the first row shades look. They work best as base shades.



The metallics are to die for shades.


Overall, if you’re someone like me who likes warm earthy mauvey and burgundy shades, you should give this palette a try. This is a more of a everyday kind of palette.


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