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The time when Wet n Wild added more shade varieties in  the second launch, I plunged onto some of the favorites by this brand – the PhotoFocus Foundation, Pressed powder and the concealers. I’m so happy that Wet n Wild is launching almost all of  its products in India, but at the same time I don’t understand why isn’t getting the foundation and concealer shades for dusky deeper skin tones like me. In this post, I’ll be talking  about the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealers that I bought and let’s see if it is worth the hype or not. 

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Let your natural beauty shine with Wet n Wild’s selfie-tested creamy and luminous concealer. Tested to be white cast-free under seven different photo lighting conditions, this high coverage concealer allows only your best features to get noticed. Gorgeous skin will be your only look.

  • Effortlessly conceals imperfections
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Does not crease or look cakey
  • No photo flashback- Tested under 7 light conditions

Goodbye Photo Flashback : Tested Under 7 light conditions and with top smartphone models –

  • Clear Blue Sunlit Sky.
  • Outdoors PM.
  • Indoors PM.
  • Electronic Flash.
  • Fluorescent Light.
  • Bathroom Light.
  • Nightclub Light.

PRICE : INR 399/- for a 8.5ml product. That is a very good amount of product compared to Maybelline and Loreal concealers for that price tag.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 2.jpg

SHADES : There are 6 shades in total that’re available.

  1. Light Ivory
  2. Light/Med Beige
  3. Medium Tawny
  4. Medium Peach
  5. Med/Deep Tan
  6. Dark Cocoa

I bought the shades – MEDIUM/DEEP TAN and MEDIUM TAWNY. Keeping in mind my skin tone, I went ahead with these shades which I’m happy about. But it’s sad that there’s not much shade spectrum for deeper and darker skin tones.

  • MEDIUM TAWNY serves me as a highlighting shade under my eyes. It has warm yellow undertones to it, and is a perfect match for medium tan skin tones.
  • MEDIUM/DEEP TAN is exactly my shade, so I prefer to use it to spot conceal and sport a natural look, during days when I don’t want to wear tons of makeup.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 4.jpeg

Packaging, the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealers come in a clear square shaped tubes with a black cap. The concealer comes with a doe-foot applicator for clean and smooth application. The packaging is overall compact and also very convenient for travelling as well.

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 3.jpg

The PhotoFocus concealer has a smooth creamy texture to it. I rarely bother about the smell of it unless its too overpowering, nothing of that sort with this concealer. The formula is very light-weight and comfortable to wear. It blends out effortlessly and gives a such a flawless velvety matte finish. It gives a medium to buildable full coverage formula. On top the foundation, when used under the eyes for highlighting/concealing, it just gives a clean flawless high coverage look. A little concealer goes a long way. But when used alone on bare skin, it sheers out and doesn’t cover all the spots just giving a medium coverage. I mostly prefer to use these to highlight my under eyes and bridge of my nose.

It doesn’t give any ashy-ness to the skin and as its name says it does not give any flashback even under harsh lights. Also I didn’t notice this concealer crease, because with lot of my other concealers I’ll always feel the need to set it with powders but this concealer really didn’t need it. But I make sure I set it to avoid the further damage though. It went crease-less and transfer-proof for 6 hours surprisingly. At the end of the day, I do notice this concealer still stays intact but it kind of exaggerates the fine lines around the eyes.

Here are the swatches of the two shades –

In sunlightWet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 7

In natural light Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 6

Under flashlight Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer review 5

Overall, I’m impressed with these Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealers! With a lightweight creamy formula, it blends out and conceals the under eyes effortlessly. And I’ve never ever seen such an inexpensive concealer perform so good. I’d definitely  recommend these to everyone, if you could find your shade. It is suitable to all skin types, dry skin girls might need some extra hydration to avoid  any dryness. Other than that these Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealers are such a good invest. I don’t really see any cons in this concealers, but I really wish Wet n Wild releases some more shades catering every skin tone.

Did you try the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealers?? Which shade are you in? Lemme know……



  1. I’m your exact shade match in this. I think it peforms quite decently too but it doesn’t cancel my undereye bags on their own. I need something that gives full coverage when i do smokey eye, else my under eye bags just ruin everything. Do you have any recommendations, I got the makeup revolution concealer but that didn’t do it for me either.

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