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Maybelline New York has dropped in its new HYPER GLITZ INK EYE LINERS, and guess who’s eyed on them? Yayy!! I was so in search for some glitter liners and just then I saw these Glitz Ink liners drop at Nykaa, and I couldn’t resist in picking few of them. In  this post let’s see how these liquid liners perform. 

Maybelline New York introduces the new Hyper Ink Glitz Liquid Liner. High fashion glam takes a twist with the first pigmented glitter liner with 1.5 times luminosity. Hot from the runways of New York, the Maybelline New York Hyper Ink Glitz, lines and defines your eyes beautifully. The liquid liner features Micro fine glitters for ultra application while Film formula black base pigments makes it possible to wear alone. Eyes shine with intense metallic color.

  • Dark glitter liner in luminous shine.
  • Flexi-cushion tip for easy control.
  • Waterproof and smudgeproof.
  • Intense pigments.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner 1.jpeg

PRICE : INR 425/- for a 10.5ml product.

SHADES : These Glitz Ink eyeliners are available in 5 shades –

  1. Black
  2. Sapphire
  3. Green
  4. Burgundy
  5. Gold

Wait, what?? Something is wrong with the names, I’ve seen these named different on a Singapore Maybelline page. I’ve seen them when they first launched in Singapore a few months ago.

I’ve picked 3 shades – BLACK, SAPPHIRE and GOLD.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner 2.jpeg


  • For a subtle defining line, lightly drag the brush tip across the base of your lash line from the inner to the outer corner. Press as close to the roots as possible.
  • Use less pressure to create a thinner line, more pressure for bolder. Continue to layer until desired definition is achieved.

Packaging, the Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner comes in a regular tiny little clear bottle – exact packaging of that of the Hyper Ink Liquid liner. I don’t see the names of the shades anywhere on the product, rather it’s on the plastic wrap which obviously has to be removed. It comes with a long handle and also has a cushion felt tip for clean and precise application. The long handle makes it beginner friendly, which gives control on drawing the liner. Overall, a simple and sleek packaging that they can be carried anywhere. And yah, they have a click lock system for a secure closure and not let the product spill out.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner 3.jpeg

Just when I  saw these on Nykaa, immediately googled for some swatch reference and I chose 3 shades which I thought I can wear more often and that are commonly used. And I’m really surprised, they’ve one swipe pigment and they can be worn alone on its own. The glitter is nothing  like a ‘bang-on  glitter’ but just a subtle one when used on eyes. Some of them(the sapphire shade) do give a metallic look when dried up. The liner just takes few minutes to dry down and once they’re dry, they are absolutely smudge-proof. I barely see the glitter/pigment come off. The felt tip gives a neat and precise application. There’s no need to worry that the glitter in the liners is going to feel gritty while application, absolutely not. The liner just glides on the lids so smoothly and doesn’t leave any patches. From the shades I picked, the gold one needed a two layer to intensify the color and also the first coat does go a bit patchy. Rest two shades just need one swipe to finish the look. I do feel they can be used on top  of any other liner to bring up the liner game, especially the gold shade. The black shade alone is just a stunner, I’m so in love with that shade now. These Glitz Ink liners do stay on for the whole day – I had these for about 8 hours and it did stay fresh like I applied it first all throughout the day.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner 4.jpeg

Coming to the removal, these liners do come off with just water or maybe with any Micellar cleansing water. They’re not completely water-proof. They come off like a peel and they leave a glittery mess around your eyes. Not a big deal though, you could go with round two of cleansing again for the glitter and everything is just cleaned.

Here are some normal looks to show how these liners look –

Overall, these Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink liners are a must have eyeliners. I’m so impressed with these liners and their  performance. My favorite has to be the black liner, which has silver glitter in it and it just gives an oomph to the normal daily look. I’d definitely recommend these liners to everyone. They do add some fun element to the eyes!

Did you try  these new Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink liners?? Which is your favorite shade?? Lemme know……


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