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It’s all about liquid eyeshadows trend now! But everyone cannot afford to get all that high end branded ones. Here’s if you’re looking for some really affordable liquid eyeshadows. Nicka K cosmetics has pretty much a good talk about its decent products in the market and their Radiant Liquid Eyeshadows are a sure hit. In this post I’ll be talking about these liquid eyeshadows. 

Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow.jpg

Create stunning eye looks that perfectly enhance any style, the Nicka K Radiant Liquid Eyeshadow is ideal for all your glammed up party looks. Daring and adventurous; this metallic eye shadow effect can lavish your eyes with sparkle and shine brightening and emphasizing your makeup to the next level.

  • Highly pigmented eye shadow.
  • Radiant shimmer finish.
  • Long lasting.

PRICE : INR 395/- for a 5gm product.

AVAILABILITY : The Nicka K Radiant Liquid Eyeshadows are in stock at Nykaa, HOK makeup.

SHADES : These Nicka K Radiant Liquid Eyeshadows come in 10 beautiful shades, out of which 8 shades are available in India.

And out of the 8 available shades, I picked 5 of them.

  • NRE12 Ochroid Titan
  • NRE13 Polaris Peach
  • NRE14 Golden Gemma
  • NRE15 Summer Solstice
  • NRE17 Lilac Dreams

Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow 5.jpg

Packaging, these Nicka K Radiant Liquid Eyeshadows come in a cute little clear tubes with a black lid. The shade names are mentioned on a sticker stuck at the bottom of the tube. The liquid eyeshadows come with a tiny little brush applicator for neat and smooth application. They’re very travel friendly as well.

Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow 4.jpg

These liquid eyeshadows have a smooth texture and they glide on the lids very easily. The brush gives an easy and mess free application. The brush has got a sharp flat tip, so that you can fully paint the lids with the glitter or just even use it as an eyeliner. They look absolutely stunning in whatever way it’s used. They can be worn all alone or on top of any eyeshadow to amp up the look. These do take their time to dry up completely, and once dries they are totally smudgeproof. We need to really be patient and wait for it to dry completely. I do have a kind of hooded lids and I need to wait about a minute closing my eyes to let them dry fully or else I’d end up messing it around.

Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow 3.jpg

I was awestruck when they turned absolutely transferproof. Although these liquid eyeshadows can be layered for a higher coverage, they do appear patchy. I did notice this with the lighter shade, which is the Orchid Titan. These do stay up for a good 5-6 hours time. And there’s no fallout throughout the day.

Here’s how these liquid eyeshadows look – Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow 7Nicka K Radiant liquid eyeshadow 6

Overall, I’m very impressed with these super affordable liquid eyeshadows and these are so ideal for any glittery look. I’d definitely recommend you guys to try out at least a shade from this range and you wouldn’t end up in just one.

Did you try these NICKA K RADIANT LIQUID EYESHADOWS?? What’s your favourite shade? Lemme know……



  1. Great review! How do you apply these over powder shadows? Every time I apply them over powder, they pick up some of the shadow with them.



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