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If you follow me on my Instagram and blog, you know how much I loved and how much I praised about the GreenBerry Organics 3-in-1 MudAsh Cleanser, scrub and mask. It’s still my holy grail skincare product, and I’m on my second tub and I have to back up on them. And recently I’ve received another mail from Greenberry Organics who sent me their BIO ACTIVE D-TAN EXFOLIATING SCRUB. At first, I didn’t want to, as I’m totally not a scrub kind of person – like what interesting does any normal scrub would have? But after I tried it, everything that I thought about it was completely changed. Read till the end to know what made this scrub so special?    

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Say goodbye to those severe tanning issues that persist throughout the year. Get to the beaches and in the water with confidence because you have the all-new BioActive D-Tan Exfoliating Scrub with the goodness of more than 5 BioActive Ingredients combined together to provide instant tan removal and give’s your skin a brightening effect. The natural ingredients act as a deep exfoliator on your skin’s topmost layer removing the tan as well as other harmful bacteria that enter the skin through tanning and harmful UV rays.

  • An Ayurveda & Apothecary Blend Of Ecocert Certified Natural BioActive Ingredients; Goodness Of Raspberry, Aloe Vera, Kojic & Coconut Ensures Brightening & Lightening Effect On Skin
  • Applied For Instant Tan Removal, Black & White Heads Removal
  • Can Be Applied To Face, Neck, Arms And Hands
  • All Natural Hypo-Allergenic Ayurveda Product

PRICE : INR 575/- for a 100gms product.


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LIST OF  INGREDIENTS :  Aqua, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Optinov Green, Stearic acid, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Cetyl Alcohol, Natural Betaine, Walnut Shell Powder, Propanediol, Raspberry Ketone Glucoside, Nipaguard® SCE*, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Alpha Arbutin, Natural Fragrance, Sodium Glutamate, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. (*ECOCERT Certified Ingredients)

HOW TO USE : Massage On A Slightly Damp Face Avoiding Eyes And Nostrils For 10 To 15 Minutes. Sprinkle More Water If Required. Wash Off The Face With Regular Clean Water. Use A Face Wash If Required.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Scrub 4

Packaging, the GREENBERRY ORGANICS BIO ACTIVE D-TAN EXFOLIATING SCRUB comes in a brown colored outer carton box with necessary details on it. The scrub comes in a clear tub with a white lid, with all the details and description on it as well. It does have a extra protective stopper/lid to ensure no spilling and messing of the product. Overall, the packaging is very convenient and very easy to travel with as well.


The scrub has a creamy beige color to it and has a silky creamy texture with tiny micro exfoliating particles. It is quite a thick cream based exfoliator, so emulsifying it with water makes it spread evenly and thoroughly all over the face. It has got a strong coconut-y and somewhere a slight cinnamon/clove scents to it. Am I the only one who  smelled the cinnamon/clove fragrance? Did you even notice it? Lemme know.. Anyways, that did not bother me at all, the scent vanishes right after cleansing. The exfoliator, which apparently is the Walnut Shell powder, is so very mild and extra gentle on the skin, making it work for sensitive people as well. I see a good amount of amazing ingredients like Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Vitamin E that nourish the skin and also Kojic Acid and Raspberry extracts which is a skin lightening substance, which actually makes this scrub so special.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Scrub 7.jpeg

Here’s how I use – I scoop up a generous amount of the scrub with my fingers and apply it on my cheeks, forehead and chin, and using my wet hand I give a good 2-3 minute scrub – going in circular motions clockwise and anti clockwise direction. And rinse it off with normal water. The results are instant, like really! I found my face a bit radiant, and so soft and smooth. The exfoliators scrubbed away my dead skin and polished my skin for a fresh radiant and clear skin. Frankly speaking, I’m not at all a scrub person – I do not invest in scrubs that often as I do on any skincare product, but this BIO ACTIVE D-TAN EXFOLIATING SCRUB completely changed my opinion. I’m liking this scrub a lot and I’m reaching out to it often these days. Although I’m not sure of it in removing the stubborn tan instantly(or in  2-3 uses) but I’m sure you’d definitely see results if it is a mild tan or even a dull skin issues.

Greenberry Organics Bio Active D-Tan Scrub 6.jpeg

Overall, if you are looking for a Paraben-free, Sulphate-free and SLS-free natural scrub then this GREENBERRY ORGANICS BIO ACTIVE D-TAN EXFOLIATING SCRUB is a great option. I’d definitely recommend this scrub to everyone, even for the sensitive skin people as the scrub particles are so very mild and gentle on the skin. That being said, I’d also suggest you to do a patch test before going for a full face application, as few people might find the cream based scrub clog the pores and few might find the fragrance a bit too strong.



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