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Ahh liquid highlighters or just any highlighter is just a seductive term for me. It just melts me and tempts me so much. Wherever I see any highlighter, I feel like ‘I need that in my life!’. TS Cosmetics, one of my favorite little brand, launched its new liquid highlighters in 5 gorgeous shades and my darling decided to send me three shades from them for a review. I know liquid highlighter is not a necessity in the makeup routine, but if you’re a newbie in the makeup world or if you’re a newbie to the liquid highlighters world, then you need to try these! You’ll know it as you go through this post. In this post I’ll be talking about these TS Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters. 

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PRICE : INR 445/- for a 18ml of product.

AVAILABILITY : These liquid highlighters are available only on TS Cosmetics website or you can order from their instagram page.

You can buy all the TS Cosmetics from the TS Cosmetics official website or you can talk to owner who takes orders and place your order via their instagram page

INGREDIENTS : Aqua, ISODODECANE, cyclopentasiloxane, polybutene, silica, Cetreath 25, dimethicone, caprylic/ triglycerides hydroxypropyl, strach phosphate, ISCAGUARD PEG, Iscaguars DMD.

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 2-1.jpg

SHADES : TS Cosmetics launched these liquid highlighters in 5 glowing shades –


I’ve got 3 of the shades – CHAMPAGNE, LUSTER and RETRO ROSE GOLD.

Packaging, these TS Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters come in a glass bottle which has a dropper applicator for usage, and did you observe the dropper design – it is so cute and such a unique one from the regular ones. The glass bottle is very sturdy and nothing of cheap quality. It might not be that convenient for travel as it might spill out of the bottle, because I received a spilled bottle and I had to clean up the damage. The shade name is mentioned on a sticker stuck at the bottom of the bottle, but I’m very much used to the shades so I know which shade is what. The shade names are just so apt for them.

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 4.jpg

CHAMPAGNE is a beautiful champagne gold shade, which suits all fair-medium skin toned people. And this is the lightest shade of all the shades.

LUSTER is a pearly pink highlighter. This again goes well on all fair-medium skin tones. Can be used a blush-highlighter as it gives a pinky glow to the cheeks.

RETRO ROSE GOLD is a classic rose gold highlighter, which suits all medium-deeper skin tones so well.

These liquid highlighters have a thick liquidy consistency, which is a perfect consistency for liquid highlighters. They just have a smooth texture which has to be blended in super fast as soon as when applied to the skin. Otherwise we’re gonna end up in a patchy/streaky finish. And woah did I tell you guys that these highlighters have a sweet vanilla fragrance to them which I haven’t found in any liquid highlighters I own.

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 3.jpg

You know the drill for liquid highlighters right?!

  • Use it under foudation for a natural lumious glow from within.
  • Mix a teeny drop of liquid highlighter with moisturizers for a beautiful glow to the skin.
  • Use it on top of foundation and as a base for powder highlighter for a bomb glow.
  • Use it as brow highlighter and also to highlight the inner corners of eyes.

Make sure to not go overboard and apply thick streaks of the formula, as it will look too drastic. Just a drop is enough for getting that lumious look. It can definitely be buildable accordingly. The key is for the liquid to blend into skin naturally and subtly.

My Experience – I’m a person who wants her foundation to be extra matte for her oily skin issues and recently I’ve started experimenting on using foundations in all possible ways. So mixing a few drops of these liquid highlighters is my fav way to get a natural glow to the skin without layering on too many products. I had a not so okay kinda relation with the Champagne shade at first, as it was the lightest of all shades and I knew that it won’t suit me, but surprisingly that shade turned out to be my absolute favorite shade now. When blended into the skin there’s no traces of any of the extra pale color (from Champagne) but it just gives such a beautiful glowing effect.

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 6.jpg

Using finger tips or a beauty sponge for blending is most preferable for these liquid highlighters, when using over or along with the foundation. A drop or so is enough for highlighting the cheekbones.

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 7

TS Cosmetics liquid highlighter 8

I love the fact that these highlighters don’t have any harsh glitters, just a super metallic sheen. And imagine that glow on your cheek bones! And omg if you’re following me on Instagram and saw my stories when I swatched them, I really said it – Babe this highlighter is no less than any high-end liquid highlighter. Like literally, I own the Iconic liquid illuminator and the Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter, and these have the same formula, same consistency and perform the same as others.

I don’t have any con’s for these highlighters, but I wish the packaging gets better. The print on the bottle is very easily flaking off.


Overall, I’m too much impressed with these glow liquids! If  you’re in search for a liquid highlighter, girls first give these TS Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters a shot, I’m sure you would never invest in any other liquid highlighters. And trust me, I haven’t found any best highlighter in India, priced as these. They are super affordable as well. I’d definitely recommend these to everyone.

Did you try these new TS Cosmetics Liquid Highlighters??? Which is your favorite shade? Lemme know……





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