Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review

Nykaa Cosmetics is launching all new face palettes! And from the house of Nykaa Cosmtics comes the SKINGENIUS CONCEAL & CORRECT PALETTE in 3 Concealing Palettes (Light, Medium, Deep) and 1 Corrector Palette. I got my hands on one of palettes and in this post I’ll be talking about this concealer palette.

Discover the secret to a flawless complexion, as Nykaa launches the Skingenius Correct & Conceal Palette! The creamy, creaseless formulation blends effortlessly into your skin and stays true to your color, giving you a natural finish. The product offers palettes for Light, Medium and Deep Skin tones, and one for color correction. Each palette featuring 6 essential shades, helps to conceal, color-correct, sculpt and brighten your skin. Use them individually to help camouflage blemished, discolored or dull skin, or blend them together to customize your perfect match!

  • Each palette comes with : 4 concealer shades and 2 corrector shades.
  • Medium to buildable coverage with natural finish.
  • Easy to blend creamy formula which is crease proof.

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 3

PRICE : INR 1200/- for a 9g product.

AVAILABILITY : The Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette is available on Nykaa. And very soon in all Nykaa outlets.

SHADES : The Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palettes come in 3 Concealing Palettes (Light, Medium, Deep) and 1 Corrector Palette.

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 1

I got the palette in MEDIUM 02, which suits all medium skin tones. And here is the shade description –

  1. Pink Tone Light Concealer (Undertone – Orangey Pink) : Use it to for Fixing Blemishes, Highlight high points of face – under eye, top of cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow.
  2. Yellow Tone Dark Concealer (Undertone – Yellow) : Use it to for Concealing imperfections, Contouring – cheekbones, temples of the forehead, sides of the nose and underneath the jawline.
  3. Yellow Tone Light Concealer (Undertone – Yellow) : Use it to for Fixing Blemishes, Highlighting high points of face – under eye, top of cheeks, brow bone and cupids bow.
  4. Neutral Cool Tone Dark Concealer (Undertone – Neutral) : Use it to for Concealing imperfections, Contouring – cheekbones, temples of the forehead, sides of the nose and underneath the jawline.
  5. Yellow Corrector (Neutralizes Mild redness) : Use it to for Highlight high points of the face – under eye area, bridge of the nose etc.
  6. Burnt Orange Corrector (Neutralizes Blue, purple and green hues) : Use it to for Concealing dark circles on medium complexions.

Packaging, the Conceal & Correct Palette comes in a similar packaging as that of the Nykaa eyeshadow palettes. In fact, the exact same packaging as the NYX and MAC Correct & Conceal palettes. The palette has a black colored body with a clear lid and has a magnetic closure. All the Nykaa products do come with a magnetic closure, which I like. The palette does come with a outer box, which is a Nykaa themed pink colored box with all the details and shade name on the backside. It does not come with any mirror, or any brush applicator. Overall, the palette is sleek and sturdy, very convenient to travel with. Also Nykaa’s products are 100% Paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 2

The palette has 6 rectangular slots which has 6 different shades with different undertones which cater all skin issues. The formula is a thick cream based, and has a smooth buttery texture to it. I found it gave a medium-buildable coverage and it gives a soft velvety matte finish. It was pretty easy to blend. I suggest and personally prefer using fingers to pick up the concealer and dot it on and around the areas to be concealed. Blending is the key to get it all right. And blending with a wet beauty sponge or any blending brush is perfect for it to give a flawless base without looking cakey. I mostly prefer a sponge for such creamy concealer to blend in properly. If you’re blessed with good skin, then you’ll find these concealers give a full coverage and if you’ve skin issues then you gonna find it just give medium coverage. It’s all in the perception!

Medium palette is for someone with medium neutral-warm undertones. I like the way that each shade is different in a way lighter or darker with different undertones to each which fulfills every skin tone needs. Sometimes, it is difficult to stick to just one concealer shade when your skin acts different at different times. Such palettes do give us an aspect to mix shades to create a custom skin shade. The concealers blend in easily and feels very light on the skin. I’m glad that the concealer and the corrector did not clog the pores. What surprised me was that the concealers did not crease. I tried both ways – on my bare skin and over my foundation, and both the ways it did well. I’ve oily skin and most concealers crease a lot on my skin, but this one – I haven’t had any issues with creasing. I just felt like I could be without setting it with powder. But eventually I know I’d crease by the end of the day, so I had to set the concealer with a powder. And moreover, these concealers did last up for more than 6 hours on my skin where I had to touch up once in between.

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 4

Oh, and BTW did I tell you that this Medium shade from Nykaa is an almost exact dupe for the MAC Pro Conceal & Correct palette in Medium Deep shade, except for the yellow corrector. I found that the yellow corrector in Nykaa palette is a pale yellow shade. For people like me who cannot afford a MAC palette, this Nykaa Conceal & Correct palette is your best invest. But I still feel that 1200 rupees is a high.

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 5


  • Sleek and sturdy packaging
  • Travel-friendly palette
  • Buttery creamy smooth formula
  • Medium to buildable coverage
  • Very easy to blend
  • Does not crease
  • Stays on for a long period


  • Price, obviously.

Here’s a comparison of swatches in different lighting –

Nykaa Conceal & Correct Palette Review 6

Did you try the new Nykaa SKINgenius Conceal & Correct palette?? Which shade are you in? And lemme know your thoughts on this one……



  1. i want to bring nykaa skingenious correct and contour pallete as it has all the color correctors in one pallete and use it with maybelline fit me concealer but the problem is only that it’s price it would have been better if it would have been affordable and under 1000 instead of Rs 1200.can i get 20 or 30% discount during sale in online purchase or in store purchase?


  2. I want to try it. I was going to get the MAC one but that’s super expensive, I need this just for one or two occasions this year. Would this give full coverage if I wanted? I want to completely erase medium dark circles and bags under my eyes. Great blog


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