MAC Little MAC Lipsticks

So recently Nykaa launched the Little MAC collection and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the lipsticks first, as I’m not a person who wouldn’t like to invest a lot in full sized lipsticks from MAC. And what better way to try out lipsticks when you know you never gonna finish a full sized one. So, I grabbed 3 of the best selling lipsticks from the Little MAC collection and ever since I posted stories about them the requests for swatches and review were just pouring in, so I thought I’ll do it and here we go. 

The iconic product that made M.A.C famous. All Little M.A.C products are totally tote-able in convenient mini sizes. Introducing cute travel-size versions of M.A.C Cult favourites.With Little M.A.C, selection of your favourite products is now available in mini sizes. These new M.A.C. travel-size favourite products, totally tote-able in mini sizes and handy, will surely make you fall in love with them all over again!

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 2

PRICE : INR 900/- for a 1.8g product.

AVAILABILITY : The Little MAC collection is available in Nykaa HERE. I’m not sure if these are available at Mac stores.

SHADES : Little Mac Lipsticks are available in 10 hues and two textures.

I picked 3 shades – the all famous RUBY WOO, MEHR and WHIRL, all in Matte texture.

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 1

Packaging, it’s just the mini version of the original MAC lipsticks – everything is the same. A black bullet lipstick with the silver embossed MAC logo and the shade name at the bottom. They are so much travel-friendly and can easily slip into any small clutch or wallets. Also these are easy to lose, coz of it’s miniature body.

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 4

These little Mac lipsticks have a thin long bullet and that’s what really made me worry at first because I’m really investing in a famous branded lipsticks and I don’t want it to break as soon as I apply a pressure while application. After all, all I choose were matte shades. And Ruby Woo, which has the most beautiful yet powdery matte finish is the one which I had to apply with a lot of pressure. But these bullets were so sturdy and so strong withstanding the pressure while applying. Whirl and Mehr seemed like a normal velvety matte lipsticks.

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 3

These lipsticks glide on very smoothly and feel so creamy while application. They have a very comfortable formula no doubt, but these really are just like any other normal lipsticks. These lipsticks have a medium coverage. They definitely need a lip liner to get a full coverage. I had the same problem with Ruby Woo, I had to line my lips before I go with the lipstick. If you’re blessed with light even lips, then you’ll love these. But if you’ve dark and pigmented lips, then you’ll have to prep and line your lips beforehand.

I got so many people asking me if they’re worth buying, but I don’t think so. I really don’t know why are MAC lipsticks much raved around the world. We’ve so many other brands serving much better quality ones and they’re much affordable for a full size product. These lipsticks only lasted until my meal, in 4 hours when I had my lunch the lipstick was just gone if I wore it alone. And if I paired it up with a liner it would last a few hours more.

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 5

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 6

Here’s how they look on my lips. There are still some spots where you can see my dark lip line peeping through even though I went on twice and thrice with the application.

MAC Little MAC Lipsticks 7

Overall, I’d seriously not suggest these lippies to normal people who look for good quality lipsticks under budget. But if you’re someone like me who still wanna have MAC lipsticks in life, I’d recommend the minis. These are simply normal medium pigmented lipsticks. I’d say my Sugar Matte As Hell Lip Crayons and Faces Ultime Pro lipsticks performed much better. If you’re someone who’s already a MAC lippies freak then these might already been in your vanity and your favourite shades as well, I know.

Which is your favourite MAC lipstick? Lemme know…



  1. I was crazy about owning one of these, they increased the price by another Rs.90. noticed that on Nykaa., What I really, truly appreciate you for is your honesty. I don’t feel like spending my money on them right now, thanks so much. Your blogs are amazing, just started following 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe thanks love! I actually regret buying these Mac products (maybe say) 4-5 years ago coz they were much cheaper then. And suddenly all the prices got hiked up I’ve to think twice before investing in those foundations and concealers…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know, considering the crazy pricing these days, I regret not having trying atleast their base makeup back then. But then I really didn’t need it then, hehe so now I am struggling to find workable options for the same base effect. Can’t think of spending so much, but then again if absolutely necessary, then I check your blog. I am actually scouring through all your pages to find suitable matches for me, as we have very similar skin tone and taste. I have even noticed a purple notebook in one of your pictures, I have the exact same one. The lipsticks, products you use are all things I have or have in my wishlist, so I find the make choices and tastes are matching so much 🙂


  2. Oh my my..the colors are stunning…loved the post..and the swatches have blown my mind completely…loved it…:))


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