Sketch Eyeliners make my life easy! They’re my absolute favorite when I’m in search for eyeliners. They are just one hassle-free way to wing your eyes. But finding that one perfect eyeliner is a serious task, I tell you. I’ve bought both the Get Inked! and Get Winged!, of course after few months of their launch and I’ve carried these for most of my vacays. They make my winging job easier. In this post, I’ll talk about these two sketch eyeliners.


Living for a super-sharp, statement-making eyeliner? don’t just gush over the stunning eye looks, master them yourself with Nykaa Get Inked! Sketch Eyeliner. Featuring a slender and precise felt tip, this intensely pigmented, waterproof pen lets you achieve intense black liquid lines effortlessly. Every stroke gives you unparalleled, defined fluid finish. Fine and natural or broad and bold – any look is easy-peasy with this artist!

  • Made in Europe
  • Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula
  • Waterproof, Long-lasting, 24-hour wear
  • Conical, precise felt tip
  • Intense black finish in every stroke
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Free of Parabens


Just wing it! Life, liner..everything! We bring you Nykaa Get Winged! Sketch Eyeliner featuring an innovating slanted felt tip that is going to make your life easier. This unique design allows you to get those to-die-for wings every time! Super long wearing and super easy to use, this sketch liner is all you need to slay the day. Classic, coveted flick or a dramatic cat eye, your wish is this liner’s command!

  • Made in Europe
  • Super long-lasting, smudge-proof formula
  • Waterproof, Long-lasting, 24-hour wear
  • Innovative, slanted felt tip
  • Intense black finish in every stroke
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Free of Parabens.

PRICE : INR 450/- each for 1ml product in them.

You can get these Sketch Eyeliners from Nykaa website, or from any Nykaa stores available in your city.

Packaging, these sketch eyeliners come in Nykaa themed pink abstract outer carton box, which has all the details and description about the product on it. Inside housed are the liners, which come in a normal pen form with a nice rubber neck to hold it right and precisely while application. The design and size of both liners are exact same. I wish Nykaa made a little difference in designing them a little different coz, in case you have both liners you’re always gonna end up picking a wrong one.

The Nykaa Get Inked! liner has its shade name as Onyx 01 and is an intense black, pointed felt tip eyeliner. Surprised to see, it has amazing pigmentation in just first swipe. So much intense color, so much opacity that you don’t need to go over it again. The sharp tip really gives every possibility to reach the corners and edges of the eye and get you covered. It glides on so smoothly without any tugging or pulling.

The Get Winged! liner has its shade name as Black Swan 01 and is also an intense black, slant edged-felt tip eyeliner. It has the same texture, formula and pigmentation as the former. This one is great for people who have trouble in winging out their liner or having uneven lengthed wings. It gives that one perfect little straight flick at the outer edge and you’re good with a little wing for everyday looks. You can drag it more for some bold cat-eye dramatic looks.

Even the slightest touch on skin gives great opacity of the liner. You can obviously go over and over it for a super opaque liner. They set to a semi-matte finish, and give a slight shine after drying. I’m not a fan of such formula, I’m someone who likes a no-shine finish eyeliner, typically like that of gel liner finish, but I’m okay with this one too. These liners are totally smudgeproof and transferproof, but not waterproof. I found these rubbing of easily with water. They can resist a splash of water but if you wipe it it becomes a mess. I like that these eyeliners stay intact for the whole day. I have these liners for more than four months now and I haven’t seen them dry, I dunno why but I’m sure such sketch liners definitely dry out fast.

Overall, great start from Nykaa to launch these sketch eyeliners. I’d definitely recommend these to beginners, you guys will get a great practice with pen liners and slant tip liners. Although I’m not a fan of this formula, I like to carry such sketch liners while I travel. It makes my liner job much quicker and easier.

Did you try these Nykaa Sketch Eyeliners?? Which one is your favourite?

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