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I am literally super late in talking about this, because of my website issues and stuff, this has been sitting in my drafts for so long. But anyways, here I’m. I had a chance to play with this huge bottle of gold. I mean isn’t it literally ‘the luxurious’ and liquid gold in a bottle. Argan Oil has always been my favorite hair oils for its nourishing and hair strengthening properties. Argan oil is also great as a hair serum for luscious locks. Having damaged hair inspite of my personal health issues and exterior factors, I had to maintain my tresses no matter what. Thanks to Lunarah Beauty team to handle me this bottle of love which I’m reviewing in this post. And omg, did you guys know this? If you’re wondering this names sounds so new, lemme tell you Luxurious Adore is now – LUNARAH BEAUTY! Yes, they’ve recently renamed their brand with all new #cleanbeauty launches, starting a new chapter ahead. Lunarah Beauty, I wish you all the luck and love. And since I had this from so long, you’d see Luxurious Adore labeling here but I’m sure all of the current products will be labeled as Lunarah Beauty. And now, let’s actually know what is this oil.


Homegrown Indian Beauty Brands!

2020 has really changed our lives, our lifestyles; most probably in the worst way I should quote it. Ever since we have been in this Covid situation and our dear Prime Minister addressed us people, to be more localized, use homegrown products, homegrown food and etc etc., we are standing for it. Thanks for everyone who has been #VocalForLocal and supporting our Indian made brands. This only helps in our economy growth as well. With the mainstream of the topic being about our Homegrown brands, today I wanted to list out some beauty brands which we few of them we already knew, but most of them being so unknown. So, let’s get this post on…..



I have always been fascinated by Style Craze! They have some amazing content, be it beauty related, skincare or haircare or health related. I am super glad that they have recently come up with a review system where you can review products on their page and get a chance to win a Beauty Box, isn’t it such a great idea!? And they’ve curated some amazing beauty products for individual needs. Its a pleasure to receive my box from Style Craze team and I was super excited to try them out, as it has some of my favorite products….



Honestly, this review is gonna be from my sister’s point of view because she’s the one who’s been constantly using these over months. And of course, all of this is her’s though. Since I have shifted to all CG things and giving some TLC to my natural hair, I stay away from all chemical shampoos and stuff. Pantene has various range of combos for various hair problems like Hairfall, Dandruff, Daily Clean up, Damage control etc. This particular is overall, like the Total Damage Care for your hair.



Seeing some eco-friendly brands is just a satisfaction, I tell you! Did you know that plastic is one of the major causes of today’s pollution, and that India is one of the top contributors of it. We, at some point are devastated with the havoc being caused, but at the same time in a situation where we have been used to all this in our life. A little change has to happen somewhere – and that can start from you! As far as me being a blogger, receiving PR packages and looking at all the plastic packaging I had to get through, it is sometimes disappointing. But I’m glad there are some brands, especially Indie brands pushing to save environment by the three R’s method; you know the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. One of them being Soapworks India. Or should I actually say- the first brand that I’ve come across that uses ZERO PLASTIC PACKAGING, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and moreover (phew! this is so heartwarming) Soapworks India trains some amazing SUPER-HUMANS to work alongside with them, and kid me not every time I receive something from Soapworks I always have this warm feeling just looking at it, adoring it and thinking of who might have made my product to make me shine. God Bless them OMG! Anyways let’s get into the mainstream now.



Knowing that CG hair care is meant for you and not having access to them in India is one of the disheartening thing quite some time back, but now I guess we do get good CG hair products and accessories. All thanks to some curl girls who are taking initiation in bring up CG products to India.Okay, why am I even talking about CG stuff when I’m not a curly girl? Well, although having wavy hair, I do follow some of the CG techniques that work great for me. Now, talking about the main topic, OGX has been in India for quite a while now but this particular Quenching Coconut Curls range would never be available when needed. I accidentally stumbled upon this entire Quenching Coconut Curls range(excluding the shampoo though) while window shopping at a local mall, and I immediately put them in my basket to check out. In this post, I’ll be talking about this entire range which I’ve used already.



No Parabens, No Gluten and No Colourants; can you get any better than this for your hair? Way back, I remember myself trying Herbal Essences shampoo conditioners which used to come in clear long bottles and I was really not aware of what goes into my hair. And looking at present scenario, I’m really glad to see the entire Bio Renew range being available in India. Absolute bliss for someone like me, and with a ton of different ranges addressing every hair issue I had my heart on the Bio Renew Whipped Cocoa Butter range as I have super dry, frizzy wavy hair and all I need is some hydration for my tresses. In this post, I’ll be talking about this shampoo-conditioner duo and my experience using it.



Plum Goodness has recently celebrated its 5th birthday and the birthday bash was celebrated with a great sale on their website. If you follow me on my Instagram(@shailaja_l) you know that I hauled few of my favorites with which they offered a birthday surprise, their Birthday Edition Bath Set. A tropical tango limited edition bath set comprising of a shower gel, lotion and a hand cream. This special 5th Birthday artwork created by Sajid Wajid Shaikh brings to life the world of Plum Goodness – a World brimming with goodness in its many forms.



There are days when I get super lazy to oil my hair the night before and end up in dry frizzy hair problems. And here’s when I found my quick fix for this, a truly an advansed range of hair care from Parachute. This new range comprises of a Pre-wash hair Nourisher, Shampoo and a Serum oil. I happened to pick the Nourishment kit which had the Creme oil and the shampoo from my local supermarket, and here are my thoughts on this kit.


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