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What to buy from Nykaa Pink Friday Sale 2021?

The biggest sale of the year is here! Nykaa Pink Friday Sale is just starting from Nov 24th – 28th and you can find your favorite products at amazing deals. So quickly check your bank accounts and get your wallets full, you’re definitely gonna end up with huge hauls; I promise. Here’s a simple post I thought to share with my little fam who wanna shop from the sale and who like to take my recommendations. I made it easy for you guys to shop quick and give my best suggestions about what to buy and what to leave.

But before even I give out my recommendations, I also wanted to warn you that be absolutely cautious in placing your orders. Always keep in mind these little precautions when adding products in your carts –



I have always been fascinated by Style Craze! They have some amazing content, be it beauty related, skincare or haircare or health related. I am super glad that they have recently come up with a review system where you can review products on their page and get a chance to win a Beauty Box, isn’t it such a great idea!? And they’ve curated some amazing beauty products for individual needs. Its a pleasure to receive my box from Style Craze team and I was super excited to try them out, as it has some of my favorite products….



OMG! I cannot believe this, but here’s my second mini haul from Elizavecca. If you have been following me on my Instagram(@shailaja_l), you would have already known that I talked about some Elizavecca products in the past and how my K-beauty skincare game changed when I started using them. And here is my second package, thank you so much Elizavecca for loving my content. This time I got a couple of products too, which I’m excited for.



Seeing some eco-friendly brands is just a satisfaction, I tell you! Did you know that plastic is one of the major causes of today’s pollution, and that India is one of the top contributors of it. We, at some point are devastated with the havoc being caused, but at the same time in a situation where we have been used to all this in our life. A little change has to happen somewhere – and that can start from you! As far as me being a blogger, receiving PR packages and looking at all the plastic packaging I had to get through, it is sometimes disappointing. But I’m glad there are some brands, especially Indie brands pushing to save environment by the three R’s method; you know the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’. One of them being Soapworks India. Or should I actually say- the first brand that I’ve come across that uses ZERO PLASTIC PACKAGING, ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and moreover (phew! this is so heartwarming) Soapworks India trains some amazing SUPER-HUMANS to work alongside with them, and kid me not every time I receive something from Soapworks I always have this warm feeling just looking at it, adoring it and thinking of who might have made my product to make me shine. God Bless them OMG! Anyways let’s get into the mainstream now.


Love from South Korea – THE SKIN HOUSE Skincare! |First Impressions

If you’ve been following me through my social media, you’d already know that I am intensely addicted to Korean Skincare and products. That being said I do choose my products wisely according to my skin needs. A while ago, I received a surprise mail from The Skin House saying they’d send in some of their products to try and review, and man I’ve already known them for their amazing Kbeauty products and their own in-house brand, so I immediately agreed for it. Although it took over a month time for the package to arrive, I was extremely happy to receive it. In this post, I’ll be talking about what I received from The Skin House and I’ll talk a little about each of them.



It is always fun and exciting to try out new products from new brands. I’ve known BeautyBigBang from international nail artists especially because of their huge nail related stuff they have. And I was surprised to see the Beautybigbang team reach me and asked if I could try some of their makeup. Like who would not? In 2-3 weeks the selected products were right at my doorstep and I couldn’t be more happier. In this post I’ll be showing up what all I’ve got from BeautyBigBang.


INDULGEO ESSENTIALS HAUL! |Rose Gold Oil |Rejuvenating Eye Serum |Review

I had these for the longest time, and I think it’s high time I give my thoughts on these Indulgeo Essentials skincare that I purchased long ago. It was that time when 24K Gold oils were talked about and raved everywhere. I mean these oils are still a craze, no doubt about that. I hauled a little from Indulgeo Essentials and picked their best seller 24K Rose Gold Oil and the Rejuvenating Eye Serum, which were most essential in my skincare. In this post, I’ll be talking about these beauties.



A few months back, or in fact when I took Korean skincare quite seriously, I stumbled on few Indian available and affordable Korean skincare products which mostly happened to be from The Face Shop and Innisfree brands, which were obviously the first Korean brands that were most popular in India. Although I was so intrigued by the 10-step Korean skincare thing, I cut it short and started with the basic steps. The Face Shop products were most of it, which I’ll be talking about in this post.


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