If you stay in India and you haven’t heard of the brand PAC Cosmetics anywhere, then you might be missing some really amazing and best quality products by now. As I have said a ton of times whenever I talk about them, PAC Cosmetics literally have my heart on. I totally adore their products. And we are super proud to say that PAC is an Indian brand. Yayyy!!! IMG_20170321_110340-01.jpeg

But if you’re already a PAC lover, and if you are wondering whether these are new liquid lipsticks that they’re coming up with, then you are totally mistaken. These are the same old Retro Matte Glosses which they launched sometime ago, but they have renovated their packaging and also the formula of the liquid lipsticks. Yes! These are PAC V2.0 Retro Matte Gloss.


I had already bought 3 of the shades when they first launched, which I already reviewed – PAC Retro Matte Gloss. After I loved these lipsticks, I wanted to get few more and I saw that I hadn’t had the nudes from this collection, so I thought I’ll order the 07 and 08 shades which are the only nudes in this Retro Matte Gloss collection. So I ordered mine from Amazon and when the order arrived I was surprised to these new kind of lipsticks. I thought I got a wrong order, but then I sat down calmly and gone through the packaging and description and I came to a conclusion that Oh! This is the same Retro Matte Gloss with new amazing packaging.

The price of these hadn’t changed, which makes them still on the affordable side with INR 550 each.

Links to from where did I buy these- PAC Retro Matte Gloss 07 and PAC Retro Matte Gloss 08.


From the boring single toned black carton boxes, the packaging has changed to a total retro themed with all the images of the lips on the box. The lipstick tube has also changed to a color coded clear tube to an ombre effect tube. Although I liked the clear tube packaging itself, as it was easy to identify shades better rather than these black ombre tubes. The shade names are mentioned at the bottom of the tube though. I dunno if all the shades are being renovated into a newer packaging and newer formula.


The formula has improved much more. They have much thinner consistency and lightweight formula. They apply much more smoother on the lips. They set to a complete matte finish. I find the older formula much drying on myself, but this new formula has stunned me. It’s totally non-drying. Even after 2 coats of the application, it didn’t feel like I’m wearing any lipstick on my lips. I totally love this new formula. And out of my two shades, i found that 08 has gold shimmer in it. I was like whattt?! But it does not show up at all after setting.


Time for swatches now. I tried to swatch them in all possible lightings.

Right after application, while letting it dry
Almost dried



PAC Retro Matte Gloss in 07
PAC Retro Matte Gloss in 08

Did you try the PAC Retro Matte Gloss? And especially the new formula ones? What do you guys think?

And ssssh I guess PAC is working on bringing more shades! Yayy!!! untitled1

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6 Comments on New PAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Gloss | New Formula, New Packaging

  1. I only prefer brown nude shade, which is prefect brown in PAC liquid lipstick? How about PAC retro matte 40? 08 is little orange/ peach shade isn’t?

    • Its not too orangey in real.. It jus has orangey undertone to it.. I haven’t tried 40 shade, but I assume that’s a total nude and it’ll wash me out..

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