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We have a new subscription box in the town! Wohhoo..anything new launch excites me more than nothing. I’m too hyper with beauty related stuff. This BlingBox subscription box is totally new for me. I got to know about this new subscription box through Instagram. Instagram is one platform ย for all new trends these days and I’m so much falling into the net. This Bling Box is started by a girl, Nikitha who curates the box and hand design it. She alone takes the orders and personalizes the boxes(not products) and sends happiness wrapped.And I know that this girl is really really working hard on her next month’s box by now. I’ve ordered the BlingBox for the month of June after seeing few sneak peaks of the June edition box, and omg the box is absolutely so gorgeous. You’ll know as you scroll down – let’s get to more about the Bling Box.ย 

Get your BlingBox here๐Ÿ‘‰ย www.instagram.com/blingboxofficialย They do not have any official website, so you need to message her directly through instagram and place orders(on a safe note).

BlingBox comes in 2 different kind of boxes –

  1. Regular Bling Box (INR 700/- per month) : Includes 2 fashion jewelry, 1-2 full sized skincare products, 1 ย sample sized skin care and few surprise gifts included.
  2. Luxury Bling Box (INR 1500/- per month) : Includes 3-4 fashion jewelry, 2 full sized skincare products, 2-3 sample sized skin care and surprise gift too.

I guess there are no specific plans like the 1-month or 3-month or the 6-months subscription. We need to make a new booking every month and get the boxes. And all these come in a very cute personalized boxes.

This is how my BlingBox looks like. I really appreciate her hard work in making all this gorgeousness. You can also get your name or your blog/channel’s name written on the box. I got my name written on the box. And this truly is a luxury box.


The BlingBox comes in a normal plastic box which she converted into this amazing stuff decorating with all the mirrors and pearls and the velvet wrap. And everything inside is also so securely wrapped in cotton and the jewelry come in their plastic covers.


I got 3 jewelry pieces in the box, with 1 free gift, so that counts to a 4.

IMG_20170628_121152-01.jpegThis light weight huge earrings.IMG_20170628_121015-01.jpegThis long tasseled choker necklace.IMG_20170628_121611-01.jpegAnd this super gorgeous golden boho neck piece. I totally love this one. Omg๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

There’s also a 10 layered oxidized silver necklace, which I haven’t put a pic coz its taking forever for me to untangle the layers.

We also have 3 full sized and 2 sample sized skin care products, which are organic and handmade and most of them from Fuschia brand.ย IMG_20170628_122028-01.jpegIMG_20170628_122256-01.jpegIMG_20170628_122410-01-1.jpgMost of the products from Fuschia, which is a popular skincare brand and they have been a part of almost all beauty subscription boxes now. And there’s a new brand named Organique and I got their Renewal Serum.

IMG_20170628_122941-01.jpegFuschia Cucumber and Green tea under eye serum. This is a full sized product and retails for INR 1250/-. I’ve been waiting to try this undereye serum from Fuschia. I’ll make a detailed review on this soon.ย IMG_20170628_122554-01.jpegFuschia Cherry Red Lip Balm. With the goodness of all natural ingredients, this handmade lip balm smells amazing and it moisturizes lips well. IMG_20170628_122811-01.jpegFuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face & Body Exfoliating Scrub. This is a sample sized product in this box. I already received Fuschia’s Green tea clarifying scrub from them and I absolutely love it. This pomegranate scrub has very minute exfoliant particles which polish the skin to give a fresh glow.ย IMG_20170628_123254-01.jpegFushcia Garden Lavender Day Cream with SPF15. Again a sample sized product in the box. I already have this cream and this is my second sample cream. This is a lightweight cream which moisturizes skin well keeping it safe from the harsh sun too with its SPF15 factor.ย BeautyPlus_20170629104522_save.jpgAnd lastly I got this Organique Renewal Serum. I came across this new Natural skin care brand through Instagram and I always wanted to try this one. I heard good reviews of this serum from them and I’ve been using this since a week now. I’ll definitely do a full review on this serum very soon. Although it is named as serum, its basically a facial oil.

So yes, that’s all I got in my June’s BlingBox. I absolutely love the luxury box and yes, this box can be re-used to store your jewelry in it. And I’m so excited for the next month’s box.ย untitled1

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