You can never have enough of these Maybelline BabyLips lip balms. At least I cannot, they are the best lip balms which come in such affordable pricing. Now, Maybelline has come up with the new range of Baby Lips called as Candy Rush lipbalms, with SPF 20. Let’s see what they are…


Experience candy taste & color on your lips with the new Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balms. These provide a rush of candy color with a kick of yummy candylicious flavour. With the benefits of SPF 20, these provide protection against the sun’s rays while Coconut Oil and Vitamin E moisturize dry lips for 16 hours. Drench your lips with these fun candy-kissed tinted lip balms that come with the actual sweetness of a candy!

    • Sheer pop of color with a glossy shine and a yummy candy flavor.
    • Vitamin E helps hydrate and glide on smoothly.
    • Keeps your lips moisturized all day.
    • Infused with SPF 20.

PRICE :  INR 190/- where we get 4g of lipbalm in it.


SHADES/FLAVOURS AVAILABLE :  There are 4 shades in this Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balms –

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Gummy Grape
  3. Watermelon Pop
  4. Orange Jujube

I got 3 of them, Cotton Candy, Gummy Grape and Watermelon Pop. Why didn’t Iget the orange one? I’m not a that big fan of anything orangey, so I wouldn’t even think of it.


The Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balms come in a colorful but same old traditional packaging. It follows a color coded theme with the cap and the lipbalm, I mean the color of the lipbalm is coordinated with the outside cap. I hope that made sense. And the lip balm is obviously a retractable one. As usual, it is a great travel-friendly lipbalm. Surprisingly, there are no list of ingredients mentioned anywhere, it only claims that it is enriched with Coconut oil and Vitamin E.


They have a normal lipbalm consistency,  nothing more fancy or extraordinary though. They give a glossy yet rush of color to the lips giving them a colorful life to dull, dry and chapped lips. They are so much moisturizing and are so smooth in application. These lip balms smell like candies and fruits, the Cotton Candy smells like those childhood candies kind of, the Watermelon Pop smells like the watermelons and the Gummy Grape smells like grapes. And OMG they taste sooooo yummylicious that I literally eat them off, trust me. They taste so sweet that you cannot stop licking them all day.


The lip balms moisturize lips for a long time. The only way I wear the lip balms full time is when I sleep. On a day time, I wear it as a base underneath my lipsticks. At nights, I slather a thick layer of the lip balm on my lips and go to bed. They just stay in place all night and I wake up with super hydrated baby soft lips. This is my essential in my skincare routine.

Here are hand swatches of the lipbalm. From top-bottom are Cotton Candy, Gummy Grape and Watermelon Pop – IMG20170816155209-1.jpgThe first swatches did come out like ‘they don’t have any pigment to them’, but as these are being used the hint of color shows up. Here’s a lip swatch of Gummy Grape. (PS I do have pigmented lips)BeautyPlus_20170820002141_save

Overall, these Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Rush Lip Balms, being travel-friendly and wallet-friendly, are a must have in every girl’s daily routine. With the goodness of SPF 20 and its amazing moisturizing properties, they are definitely recommended to everyone, and I bet you’d love every flavor of it. untitled1

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