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Today i am here to share one of the most important steps of our daily Skincare routine that most of us tend to skip away…and i.e TONING. Most girls ignore it. As a teen and even now i do think ‘Is toning our face really that important?’. It’s always the Cleansing-Exfoliating-Moisturizing routine for me rather than the Cleansing-Exfoliating-Toning-Moisturizing routine. I never really used any toner in my life. But then when i got to know the benefits of using a Facial Toner, i made sure to use it and found changes in my skin. And now…these changes wouldn’t be drastic (Plzz girls! Dont expect any change you want to be instant/Drastic), depending upon the skin type/condition.

Here are some benefits of using a facial TONER:

  • pH Balance: Facial toners help to balance the pH, or potential hydrogen, level of your skin. pH levels are an indication of the acidity level of your skin and are measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 7 being the most neutral level. Having a balanced pH level means your skin is less prone to oiliness and infection, creating a more vibrant and smoother appearance.

  • Hydration and Nourishment: Facial toners provide hydration to your skin, which is essential to maintaining elasticity, smoothness, moisture and a more youthful appearance. Proper skin hydration reduces the signs of aging skin and provides an effective base for the application of facial cosmetics.

  • Pore Shrinkage and Tightening: Large facial pores allow more dirt, oil and toxins to enter the skin and cause irritation and infections. Facial toners tighten your facial pores, allowing fewer oils and toxins to settle into the skin. This creates a fresher, cleaner and less oily appearance while preventing acne.

[Disclaimer: Before trying out anything home-made…Please do a patch test prior to avoid any kind of harsh reactions on your skin. And make sure you choose ingredients according to your skin type/condition.]

So lets jump into our RECIPE.



  1. Apple cider Vinegar— 1tsp-2tsp- according to how much you can take it. It smells yukkk!!! So its better to start with small amounts and gradually increase it.
  2. Witch Hazel Toner— same ratio as water. I got mine from a local drugstore. You can swap Witch hazel to Rose water.
  3. Tea Tree Essential Oil— 5-10 drops. I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil which is actually less irritant and so much calming.
  4. Distilled water— same ratio as the witch hazel.
  5. An empty bottle/spray bottle
  6. Measuring spoons(optional)





  1. Take Distilled water and Witch Hazel in the 1:1 ratio or maybe 1:1.5 ratio respectively. If you are confused with what is this Distilled water, you can obviously use Mineral water either. I mixed mine in the 1:1.5 ratio. That is, 1.5 parts of withch hazel and 1 part water.
  2. Mix a tsp of Apple cider Vinegar.
  3. Add 5-6 drops of Tea Tree oil.
  4. You can add any other essential oil of your choice depending on your preference.
  5. Stir well. And pour it in any empty spray bottle.

And Voila..!!! Your daily toner is all set to use.

The ingredients- Apple cider Vinegar, Witch hazel, Tea Tree oil- all are super beneficial for oily skin types and acne prone skin. You wouldnt have any harm in using them. But [disclaimer], just make a patch tester and watch for any reactions.

How to use/apply:

  1. Take some toner on a cotton pad and wipe your face in an upward direction. This technique is for those who apply makeup. The wiping cleans up the last uncleanable dirt/makeup also leaving the skin well hydrated.
  2. Another way to use toner is like a facial mist. Pour the toner into a spray bottle, and spritz it generously onto cleansed face and let it air dry.

This is how I use:- Since i am mostly a night care person, I make sure to Cleanse-Exfoliate-Tone-Moisturize. I cleanse my face with my Dove deep pore cleansing facewash, exfoliate using my DIY coffee scrub, rinse my face thoroughly and pat dry. Then spritz the DIY toner, tap my face with my fingers letting it air dry and wait for a minute or two before moisturizing. I make sure to follow toning routine atleast 5days a week. Sometimes i am too lazy and i skip toner and its completely alright.

And that is it……… In the morning you will wake up with a fresh, hydrated, supple and healthy skin. Fresh and healthy skin always makes your day!!

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