The Kylie Jenner Lippie Obsession Is sooo into me. Oh my! I go crazy over the Kardashian’s and the Jenner’s(i seriously donno why do i like them..). And Kylie Jenner, i bet almost every girl out there would have freaked out over her lip transformation. Her fully plumped up and pouted lips are soo on the board now.


So, here in this post I would be sharing some of her lipstick dupes which are Indian based and those which we can find it almost anywhere…anywhere in India, even at a local beauty store. I know there are lot more other high end brands like Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Mac etc….but i didnt want to include them coz not in every locality we can find then and not everybody can afford them. So I just went with local brands available everywhere.

Just like Kylie, even I am huge huge huge matte lip girl. Okay stopping this non-sense and jumping into the real……These are the 5 most worn Lip shades by Kylie Jenner…


Here are the Lip swatches………


Top: Left– Colorbar Lip pencil- Nude Pink                                                                                                               Right– Colorbar Full finish Longwear matte lipstick- En Vouge

Bottom: Left– Maybelline Superstay !4hr lipstick- Lasting chestnut                                                                      Middle– Lakme 9to5 Lip liner- Brick Rose                                                                                                      Right– Maybelline Superstay !4hr lipstick- Endless Raisin

Both the Maybelline lipsticks show up the same color in pics, but the Lasting Chestnut is a brown color with mauve tint and the Endless Raisin is a total mauve shade.

And here are the details of the Lipstick shades and names…..


On the lips all the shades looks almost the same, but they look soo amazing for daily wear. I soo much love them. These are my daily lipsticks that i use. Beautiful warm neutral shades which suits almost every Indian skin tone. Since i am on the wheatish skin side, these shades look gorgeous when applied. And of course my favorite shades also.

So that is it girls!… Hope you all liked it. See you till the next post.

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