This Christmas, or most likely this Winter season, SUGAR COSMETICS has come up with the new #SUGARCocoa Nail Lacquer collection in the PRO, CLASSIC and MATTE range. We have 10 new glam nail lacquers in the SugarCocoa collection and I’ve got 5 cool PRO nail lacquers with such unique formulation! Take my word girls when I say unique formulation, I’m stunned by these nail lacquers. 

Poke a Friend. Scribble on sand. Shush a noisemaker. Like us, if you are someone who lets your fingers do the talking – then you will absolutely heart the new SUGAR Nail Lacquer range that will make sure that your tips are always in top shape! Specially-formulated to give you a 100% opaque finish that will dry before you can spell your date’s name – the SUGAR Tip TacToe Nail Lacquer’s wide range of glossies, mattes and shimmers is the zero-chip streak-free warpaint your hard-working fingers deserve. 


  • Its chip-free, streak-free formulation and specially-crafted ergonomic applicator will leave you smitten.
  • The Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquers provide the perfect single-stroke plumping-effect coating.
  • Designed with a removable outer cap for ease of use and storage – these stunning nail lacquers are crafted with state-of-the-art premium formulation featuring colour-protecting UV filter and patented 2-fold plasticizer that guards against chipping.

PRICE :  INR 299/- for a 10ml size.




SHADES : SUGAR has added 10 new shades in their nail lacquer collection. I was sent 5 of them from the PRO range, each with a unique finish –

  • 047 Tan About Town – Metallic Matte Yellow Brown
  • 050 Bridal Brown – Brown With Glimmering Colors
  • 051 Social Sepia – Golden Brown Glitter
  • 052 Brass Balls – Copper Chrome
  • 054 Show Of Sands – Beige Liquid Sand


PACKAGING :  The SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS come in a transparent square glass bottle with the Sugar logo and the collection name on it. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom of the bottle. The brush tip is a flattened flat top brush, which covers the whole nail  bed in two swipes, but it kind of becomes difficult to get through the curves with the flat tip. They do have a strong overpowering regular nailpolish kind a fragrance, which doesn’t bother me at all though. On the whole, the packaging is quite convenient to carry it around in handbags.

From my pinkie finger – thumb are : 047 Tan About Town, 050 Bridal Brown, 051 Social Sepia, 052 Brass Balls, 054 Show Of Sands IMG_20171211_124045-01

The nail lacquers looked absolutely normal like any other nailpolish in the bottle. Two of them are glittery shades, two of them had silver fine shimmers in them and other looked like a metallic shade.

Tan About Town is a like a muted orange with very fine pearly shimmer in it. That’s what it looks like in the bottle. I didn’t expect that this shimmery shade would turn into a matte, until it dried down. I mean where did the shimmers go? How did they turn matte? The nail lacquer sets completely to a matte finish. Its not like the smooth matte, it feels a slight rough textured. Overall, it is very comfortable to wear, no issues on that part though. And it gives max coverage in single coat itself.


Bridal Brown is a dark chocolate brown shade with multicolored glitter in it. It needs a double coat for a fully opaque coated nails. It has fine glitter particles. Once dried it sets to a kind of sand texture. I haven’t tried any of the glitter shades from Sugar before, so I don’t have any idea if the previous ones do have the same texture to it or not. But I love the shade and its finish, it would go well on all occasions and Sugar team did name it perfect, it goes in match to the bridal look as well.


Show Of Sands is a true desert sand shade, in all aspects. Both in color and the texture it totally and truly replicates sand. You wouldn’t expect that from a normal liquid nail lacquer. Neither did I expect it. Omg! And this turned out my favorite one from this collection. I’ve been wearing it from a week now and the texture is still the same as when first applied. Single coat is enough to get that opaque finish. I cannot stop staring at my paws painted with this shade. Moreover it feels very comfortable to wear, no issues on that part though.


I haven’t played much with the rest two shades which are the Social Sepia and Brass Balls. I’d be sporting them in coming weeks and posting pics in my Instagram.

Social Sepia is a yellow based gold glitter nail lacquer. It has a mix of big and small glitter in it. And it sets to a normal glossy yet glimmery nails. This also needs a single coat for complete opaqueness.

Brass Balls is a sheer brass shade which gives a chrome effect. The coverage is least. I’d prefer to use it as a top coat over a dark nail polish to bring out the chrome effect prominently.

As I’ve already said, even during one week of wear time, I haven’t seen any chipping of the nail lacquers anywhere. Its only at the base of tips that it had come off, other than that my paws still look freshly done. I absolutely love the fact that Sugar Tip TAC Toe Nail Lacquers have been the best long lasting nail lacquers ever. And they are pretty easy to remove as well.

Overall, hands down SUGAR COSMETICS for these TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS. This #SUGARCocoa collection is bomb. I totally love their distinct formulation and the mix of shades. If you’re someone who loves different textured nail lacquers, these would be definitely fun to paint your paws. I’d definitely recommend these to everyone, a must try should be the Show of Sands shade. These nail lacquers are gonna make your paws look stunning! All I expect now is different colors with same textures. I hope Sugar team listens to my prayers and make my wish come true.

Did you try the new SUGAR TIP-TAC-TOE NAIL LACQUERS?? Which shade did you like? Lemme know your thoughts… untitled1

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