We get tired and lazy after a real busy work day, and we hardly have time for ourselves at the end the day. But if we manage to take some little extra time for our extra care, we can achieve the dream we desired. Yes, at the day we mostly forget to take care of our skin and directly hit the bed, which is a big no-no and the first sign of bad skin issues. So, it is equally important to care for our skin at night time. In this post I share my night-time, which is my bed-time routine.  

I’m mostly a night skincare person, yeah you heard me right. I might sometimes skip some steps in my morning routine, but I always make sure I’m doing my night routine good. All I’m looking for is a beautiful and healthy skin when I wake up the next morning.

Here’s are the steps what I follow every single night before hitting onto my bed.


  1. REMOVING MAKEUP : I mostly wear no makeup, or minimum makeup on a daily basis, but when I wear it I make sure I remove every trace of it at the end of the day. I use Micellar waters or Oil based removers to rip my makeup off.
  2. CLEANSE : I make sure to double cleanse my skin with a water based or any foam cleanser.
  3. EXFOLIATE/MASK : I exfoliate mostly 2-3 times a week and not on daily basis. Or my cleanser itself will have a mild exfoliating agent in it, so I have a two-in-one use of it. Or sometimes the 3-in-1 products really come to my rescue, serving the purpose of a cleanser, exfoliator and a mask in it. Such unique products are skin saviors.
  4. TONE : I was totally not a toner kind of a person, I never really used toners for my skin accepting the fact that they do leave a sticky feel to the skin. But over time, and over many experiences with different toners, and after finding few good toners that actually work for me I’ve never missed applying toner before anything that goes onto my skin.
  5. AMPOULE/SERUM : I’m a serious serum addict, and very recently I’ve found my love towards ampoules too. In my routine, I apply my ampoule first, wait for it to absorb and then pat my serum into my face. I never ever miss these two products what so ever.
  6. EYE CREAM : Eyes need equal importance as my face and body require, so I make sure I hydrate my undereyes well with an undereye cream or an oil and massage it gently with my finger and let it absorb.
  7. MOISTURIZE/SLEEPING PACK : I either top off or seal everything with a heavy night cream or a sleeping pack. If you follow/use Korean skincare and their products, you’d know they’re well known for their sleeping packs and that’s where I’ve learned and fallen in love with the sleeping packs. I kind of alternate between night creams and sleeping packs depending on my mood and basically what i find in my stash.
  8. LIP BALM : Finally, not to forget our lips, I make sure to slather on a thick layer of lip balm so I wake up with baby soft lips next morning.

So, this is my kind of bedtime skincare routine that I follow daily. I hope many of you could relate to this. And those are the products that I use and alternate between based on my mood and mostly what’s available in my skincare stash.

Hope this post was helpful, lemme know your thoughts on it, and thank you so much for stopping by! untitled1

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