We are just 2 more days ahead to step into another new year, and I cannot believe 2017 just ran too fast. While we wrap up this year, here are few beauty favorites of 2017 that we all loved, and some of them being my personal favorites too. 


This had to make into the beauty list! Rihanna just blew the makeup industry when she came up with her own beauty line called FENTY BEAUTY. Stating that she wanted every single woman to be included, she created a formula that work on all skin types pinpointing all universal shades. What’s even more better is that she created 40 foundation shades which just ran out of stock in just minutes of her brand launch, we can expect the rave now! And her new launch includes the MatteMoiselle lipstick collection. Although with few downsides, the Fenty Beauty did and is my current favorite of 2017.


There’s nothing that we hate about Huda Beauty right! Right from her Rose Gold palette to the lashes, which are beyond the world, to her liquid lipsticks and now her new Faux Filter foundations and the Beauty Obsessions eyeshadow palettes, everything is a stunner. And she being an inspiration to fellow bloggers, Huda Beauty just made 2017 more better.


Makeup keeps pouring and pouring out from the house of Colourpop Cosmetics. It never stops at any point. And there’s no girl who doesn’t know and likes Colourpop for their wide stretch of products. My favorites would be the first launches of the eyeshadow and the  highlighter palettes, the Supernova Shadows, Nofilter concealers, Lippie stix, UML and USL, and what not – the list goes on…


Anastasia has made our contour and highlighting game strong! We all wanted to get our hands so bad on that most raved contour palette by ABH. And then came the stunner Modern Renaissance palette which just blew the social media, and which is still in my bucket list, hopefully I should make it possible in the coming year. How about you guys?  Not to forget their liquid lipsticks.


Juvia’s Place is one freakin’ favorite brand of mine. OMG the palettes are to die for. Their collection mostly targets bold and bright colors which go well on all skin tones, which is why Juvia’s palettes are on my favorites list.


Let’s talk about some Indian brands that made it to the 2017 favorites. Sugar Cosmetics, which makes all things sugary serves just like the high-end products made its way to the top list. I totally drool over their liquid lipsticks, crayon lipsticks and matte lipsticks which are bomb. Their nail lacquers are one of the best in the Indian markets. And their recent addition of the BB creams, eyeshadow palettes and the face palettes are also drool-worthy.


Since we’re talking about Indian brands, lemme include this amazing brand which actually started of as an online shopping website, but took a step further launching their own beauty line on the other hand and serving some really amazing products. Nykaa’s Nail enamels have been a great hit in 2017, ranging from pastels to  mattes to nude mattes to neon mattes to floral collection to gel collection to the cookie crumble collection, they’ve just nailed it. And 2017 has also bought us Nykaa’s makeup line with foundations, eyeliners and some really cool tools and accessories.


We all like our drugstore products most, and when they deliver exceptional results we’ll just make them to our favorites list, just like this one. The  9-to-5 Primer plus Matte collection from Lakme was a huge hit, and what makes it my fav is that they did concentrate on the deeper skintones as well. The lipsticks and the lip & cheek mousse from this range are a definite favorites.


I could just stare at these Morphe Brushes palettes all my life. How could these not be in my favorites list? Morphe brushes are the most raved brushes by every single beauty guru and we do take by those words right. 35B, 25B, 15N and Jaclyn Hill palette are into my top favorites  from Morphe brushes, just bomb.com palettes.


With really stunning and bright palettes and eyeliners, these Nyx Cosmetics products made into my top favorites of 2017 makeup products.


So glad that we do get access to such foreign drugstore brand, which is very affordable and also having great quality. These L.A. Colors palettes have been my favorite ever since I discovered them.


These Makeup Revolution stash are bomb.com again. Being affordable and also serving high quality these palettes made it to my favorite of all time.


Let that glow stay on all year! These liquid highlighters and illuminators have stolen everyone’s heart I bet. The MUR liquid highlighters being most affordable, deliver equal results as to the CoverFX illuminating drops. But I do have equal love towards each of them.


Winding  up the favorites of 2017 and not forgetting the makeup tools and accessories, PAC Cosmetics produces one of the best quality makeup brushes, beauty blenders to get  that flawless base. And their makeup products are no joke most similar to the MAC ones. PAC mink lashes are my most favorite from this brand.

SO, here’s my 2017 makeup favorites. I really enjoy putting up this post, and hope you can relate as well. Do leave your suggestions. untitled1

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