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Gorgeous nails need more than color, they need care and love! The secret to beautiful looking nails is to keep them healthy and pretty. Nykaa has raised a notch with their Nail Care Range, where innovative technology meets pristine nails! Recently, Nykaa has launched its Nail Care Collection which comprises of 9 innovative Nail Care polishes which target specific issues and give beautiful looking nails at home. 


Here’s what all we’ve got in this collection –

Nykaa Matte Power Matte Top Coat
Go matte or go home! Give a matte-makeover to your favorite color with Nykaa Matte Power Top Coat.
  • Instant mattifying protective top coat
  • Magically neutralizes any gloss polish to a matte finish
  • Anti-chipping, protective film that resists chipping
  • Anti-chipping, protective film that resists chipping
  • Feels velvety and has a soft-touch effect
  • Fast-drying matte transformation
Nykaa Shine On Top Coat

Let your nails shine bright like a diamond! Nykaa Shine On top coat is all you need to give nails a high-gloss finish in one hot minute!

  • Builds instant volume on your colored nails.
  • Prolongs the wear of your manicure.
  • Gives ultra-brilliant shine
  • Break-through Pro-UV Technology
  • A special photo-initiator provides fast curing of the coat
  • Impeccably curved nail with a wet-look like shininess
Nykaa Bright Side Nail Coat

Take your stained nails to the bright side of the life! Banish yellow and stained nails with our Nykaa Bright Side Nail Coat!

  • Concealer for yellowing, stained and poorly aging nails.
  • Provides nails with a satin-natural finish
  • Formulated with Porcelain Flower Extract for its healing and illuminating properties.
  • Contains Lime Tree extract and Vitamin E selected for the hydrating and fortifying power on nails
  • Promotes moisture retention, anti-oxidation and strength
Nykaa 7-in-1 Nail Spa

Nykaa 7-in-1 Nail Spa is enriched with actives for stronger, smoother and shinier nails. This mircalous formula reinforces soft, weak, bitten or thin nails. Your nails look naturally healthy and rejuvenated!

  • Contains Acetyl-Methionine and Keratin-like Peptide that together add to the natural keratin to your nails to prevent them from breakage
  • Includes Hexanal: Powerful, patented aldehyde that hardens and improves the condition of the nails
  • Features Amino Acids that stimulate the nail growth
  • Has Vitamin E and Violet extract for hydration, antioxidant and protective power
  • Blend of Argan, Baobab Oils for nourishing property.
7-in-1 Benefits
    • Hardening
    • Strengthen
    • Protection
    • Smoothing
    • Hydration
    • Nutrition
    • Shine
Nykaa Going Strong Calcium Milk

All the protein you need to get your nails strong! Nykaa Going Strong Calcium Milk nourishes weak, brittle nails and provides a calcium shield for healthy nails.

  • Advanced balance of natural ingredients to improve the nail condition
  • Unique Strengthening Complex [ Calcium + Milk Protein] to reinforce keratin from root to tip
  • Blend of Hydrating Natural Oils [Pastel Seed Oil + Linseed Oil]: Rich in omega 3 and essential fatty acids, they are oxygen-cured to harden. It helps moisturize and soften the nail surface
Nykaa Rock Hard Nail Hardener

Stronger, smoother nails in just few weeks! This innovative formula makes your nails resisting to chipping and splitting. Big adieu to brittle, unhealthy nails and say hola to fabulously strong nails!

  • Patented Hexanal, a powerful hardening clinically tested aldehyde that significantly improved the nail condition
  • Nitrocellulose-based formula provide nails with radiant shine
  • UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing for long life.
  • Nails are restructured to a stronger, smoother and hard condition
  • Provides a shiny, strong and protective shield that fights breakage and brittleness
Nykaa Nail Potion Nail Strengthener

It’s time to up the defense game of your manicure! Drench your nails in Nykaa Nail Potion Nail Strengthener and defend your gorgeous nails from chipping and splitting!

  • Enriched with break-through patented IN-KERATEX that adds natural keratin to nails
  • Contains Amino Acids that stimulates the keratin
  • Rich in Pistacia Resin that thickens nails
  • Efficient fuel for nails to strengthen them
Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler

Life is all about getting even, and so are your nails! Don’t let the ridges ruin your mani! Fill those ridges and pave the way for a perfect manicure with Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler!

  • New formula features a new high efficiency ridge-filling agent to fill the surface ridged and hide imperfections
  • Contains extraordinary Surface Beauty Active the cements the keratin cells together and smoothes out the nail surface for maximum glow and resistance
  • Rich in Vitamin E that is anti-oxidizing
  • Enriched with ultra-nourishing Moringa Oil to nourish and restore nail’s perfect condition
  • Formulated with Quartz Crystals that boost regeneration.
Each of the Nail Care polish costs INR 249/- for a 10ml product and these are available at NYKAA.

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