Summers are in! The fuming hot climate is just getting worse at the start itself. My city is just like a hot oven right at 10AM itself. To beat this summer heat and protect yourself from this super hot climate, here are few best summer essentials I’ve listed. 

  • SUNSCREEN : sunscreen-clipart-comp-clipart-screenshot2

Not to forget the most important summer essential(infact a daily essential). Dab some sunscreen all over your body 20mins prior you step out of the house to make sure your skin is sun-protected and doesn’t get damaged due to harsh UV rays. And keep reapplying after every 4 hour interval to be sun safe.

  • TINTED MOISTURIZERS : landscape-1491490264-tinted-moisturizer

Gone are the days wearing heavy full coverage foundations! Ditch them away and make tinted moisturizers your best friend for this hot summers. They help add an even glow to the skin without feeling too heavy.



Peaches are summer’s best friend. A subtle peachy makeup look is what you can  rock on a hot summery day. And a good peachy blush is what you need for a sheer wash of color to enliven the face.



Our lips need equally same attention as our body and face needs. The harsh weather damages our lips and make them dry and chapped. An extra step of applying a good moisturizing lip balm with a SPF in it makes sure to protect your lips as well.



All the sweat and that extra dust and pollution makes the skin dull and lifeless. Use body scrubs and face scrubs every other to get rid of the dust and pollution debris on the skin as well circulating blood flow through the body. Using harsh and chemical based scrubs daily can cause skin irritations. Try to inculcate natural/homemade scrubs and use them every alternate day.

  • ANTI-TANNING PRODUCTS :  839_7-Simple-Homemade-Face-Packs-For-Tanned-Skin_shutterstock_282298346

Anti-Tanning  products are the most essential in summer beauty regime. Anti-Tan facewashes, exfoliators,  face packs, lotions and creams are what we try to invest in summers cause of the harsh and extra hot climate that makes our skin go tanned in just few hours of roaming in the sun. Such products come to a great rescue during this time.


We don’t want to smell sweaty and stinky in these fuming hot climates. A good antiperspirant or a deodorant helps you keep at bay. Also the summers are the best time to play with mild perfumes. And fruity/floral/aqua fragrances should be your best friends this season.

  • DRY SHAMPOOS :  s-l1000

Summers really wants us to wash our hair daily, but washing hair daily strips off its natural oils making it look lifeless. That’s when Dry Shampoos come to our rescue. Spraying some dry shampoo whenever the scalp/hair feels oily saves from that over-washing routine.


Summers are the best time to experiment your paws with the gorgeous pastels. Be it hi-shine, gel shine or a matte finish, pastel colors bring life to the nails. Paint your paws with beautiful pastels to beat the climate.

  • LIQUID ILLUMINATORS :  Liquid-Illuminators_Slider_1200x672_acf_cropped

Ditch the powder highlighters this summers and make Liquid illuminators and liquid highlighters your best friends. They bring out a beautiful sheen to the skin which makes it look like a natural glow from within, which is what our summer skin needs.

So these are the 10 important summer beauty essentials to be followed to make your summer joyful. Along with these, don’t forget to hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water and…..Beat this summer heat with these refreshing tips and enjoy!!


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