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OMG! This is such a great news for all the PAC lovers. If you’re a fan of PAC Retro Matte Gloss lipsticks, you might have known that they’ve revamped their formula along with their packaging and now guess what – PAC has come up with new MINI Lipstick sets. Yes! We’ve got 5 different mini sets of these Retro Matte Lipsticks and each set will have 4 mini lipsticks. I’ve got two of the sets with me now, and in this post I’ll be talking about these new babies… 

A revolutionary new lightweight, non-drying formula in our liquid lipsticks! Gives you an opaque payoff with just one swipe! Our liquid lipstick dries down matte right after one swipe and lasts through thick and thin! Collection of 4 cute minis.

  • Lightweight
  • Opaque payoff with just one swipe!
  • Dries down matte right after one swipe!

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 1.jpeg

PRICE : INR 1275/- for a 4x3ml product.

AVAILABILITY : The PAC Retro Matte Minis are available at PAC stores and on Amazon HERE.

SHADES : These minis are available in 5 sets –

  1. 01 PINK
  2. 02 PINK NUDE
  3. 03 NUDE
  4. 04 PURPLE
  5. 05 BROWN

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 2.jpeg

Packaging, these mini sets come in a really cute packaging, totally reminds the Huda Beauty minis set. These sets have 4 mini liquid lipsticks in each and they contain 3ml of product when compared to a 6.5ml of full sized lipstick. The pricing is also very affordable for a set of 4 mini liquid lipsticks. For people like me who can never ever finish a full sized lipstick, these minis set will be a great invest and we get 4 lipsticks to try out. The lipstick has the same new packaging – black to clear ombre packing with the shade number at the bottom. And BTW each set is named and numbered like the 01 Nude etc, and inside each set, the lipsticks are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. I know, I totally understand it’s difficult to name each lipstick when PAC already had 70+ Retro Mattes.

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 4

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 5

The formula of these have definitely stolen my heart. These minis have a very comfortable formula. They have a liquid-y formula which is not too thin like water, it has the right consistency for easy application and goes opaque in just single swipe. What surprised me is that the shades from the nude edition also went opaque in just one coat. When I initially swatched the shades on my hand one shade from each set founded to be too light and I thought they’ll make my lips washed out, but guess what – I tried the lightest shade () from the nude set and wow, when it dried down it was completely fine, it did not wash me out at all. It was like the nudest shade that anyone could sport it while wearing a smokey eye.

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 3

The Nude set has a set of browny and pinky nudes, and the Pink Nude set has a set of muted pinks and peachy-mauvey pinks. If you’re someone who likes normal daily wearable shades then Nude and Pink Nude sets are your picks. You have to try them! These dry down in a minute or less completely to a matte finish, which is not at all dry. The very first Retro Mattes which PAC launched had a drying formula and glad that PAC revamped its entire collection with new formula. But I do find these a tad bit tacky right after application, and that disappears with time though. These lipsticks did stay for 6 hours on my lips with very light meals. If you’re gonna dine for oily meals then I’m sure the staying power gonna reduce.

Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 6Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 7

These definitely look way different in sunlight and on lips. Here are the swatches of these lippies on my lips.


This is Nude set – Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 8-01-01.jpeg

And the Pink Nude set – Pac Retro Matte Mini Lip Set 9-01-01-01.jpeg

For reference I’m NC43-44-ish (if ever they exist) and the lightest shades in these sets do go well with my skin tone and I can manage them without lip liners. If you’re NC45 or deeper, then the lighter shades might wash you out, and you’ll need a darker liner to wear it.

I totally adore these two sets, and I have my eyes on the Purple set, which I’d get my hands on very soon. Pinks and Browns, I wasn’t much attracted by them, so I might give them a skip. But if you’re a lover of bright pinks and chocolatey brown shades, then you’ll love them as well. I wonder where’s Reds set, maybe we can expect some more minis sets coming soon…right PAC?!

Did you try these new cute-sie PAC Retro Matte Mini Lip Sets?? Which is your favorite set? Lemme know……….


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